Sunday, August 16, 2015

MHHM Training Weeks 4 & 5

Its fitting that I never got around to posting my training log from week 4 because I switched it with week 5.  It makes adding the image much easier.  I knew I wanted to do the Camp Chingachgook Challenge Half Marathon on August 15th, so I decided to swap the weeks & have a cut back week earlier. I ended up dropping my mileage more than I meant to, but it doesn't mean I wasn't active!

Week 4.

Monday:  yoga 
I had run the Indian Ladder 15k the day before and was stiff, so I did yoga at home. ( my favorite instructor is still on maternity leave- yay for her, but boo)

It was a while ago and I have no record of Yoga or running, so I can only assume I watched NCIS all day.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 11'09"
Marcy and I headed out early for us (7:45am)! For a five mile run along the Mohawk Hudson bike path. (also the same route for my goal race in October)  I was still feeling pretty stiff from the trail race, but trudged along and ended up with my last mile being a 10'33"

Thursday: 4 miles @ 10'03
Marcy and I met up with my Ragnar captain for this year for a 4 mile run in round lake.  I had run on the Zim Smith trail a few years ago, its a nice trail, not close enough fora regular location but with Kate living further north, it was a good compromise. I had warned her that I had been running slowly- still not sure if its adjusting to mileage, heat, or a reaction to a medicine I had been on (and no longer on it)  but I was wildly surprised when we ran 4 miles of negative splits for an average pace of 10'03"  This was a huge confidence boost for me, I've been dying to see those numbers again (which I was running comfortably back in May)  

Friday: Hiking 10 miles RT
Jen and I headed up to hike Lower Wolfjaw for her 23rd high peak.  It was warm, humid, and steeper than I remembered, but I also hadn't climbed an Adirondack High Peak since climbing Big Slide last September.  We had a nice hike, and far better views than the day I climbed it 2 years ago.  Along the way home we stopped at Davidsons to enjoy a well earned beer and food.  

I had plans to run, I did.  But then I was invited to my friends house on Kinderhook lake.  I suspect you can figure out where this is going.  Instead I went out and swam and enjoyed summer with friends.  I don't regret it.

My parents and I were heading down to Long Island to visit my sister and her kids so I woke up early and headed over to Suny Albany for a 5ish mile run.  I didn't have a total goal set since it was a cut back week but was planning anywhere between 3-10.  I ended running .5 
Everything felt wrong, knee/it, heavy legs, thirsty.  I decided to scrap it and go home.  I did yoga instead and was incredibly tortured for 45 minutes as I worked out the kinks.  I considered running once we got to LI but it took 5-6 hours and honestly, I decided to turn the page and start the new week.

Week 5

Monday 3 miles @ 10'16"
What a difference a day makes!  I decided to run from my sisters house to the town to meet up with her and my parents for some coffee. I was pleasantly surprised again to have negative splits with my last mile at 9'33"  I felt amazing.  Again, the sudden change in pace has me trying to figure out why I had been struggling for the past 4 weeks but I'll take it. 

Tuesday yoga
I figured since the yoga made me feel so amazing on Sunday it would be wise to do it again.  My trusty app makes it easy for me to do yoga on the go so while my parents were out, and my sister was with the kids I did the intermediate flexibility program again. (in my new lululemon tights my sister gave me)

Wednesday 6 miles @ 10'49
I can't handle speed workouts without the treadmill.  My watch doesn't update quickly enough to give a true reading of my pace.  So I scrapped the idea of a tempo run and just ran.  I ran the same route I did last month while in LI and knocked off 4 minutes over all. 

I had wanted to get in a short run before we took off to head back to Albany but our day was packed.  I ended up watching my nephew while my sister picked up my niece from camp and by the time I had time to run, it was all sun and heat.  

Friday 3 miles @ 10'14"
Since we got in late Thursday night, I was able to pick up Marcy early from the kennel.  I had wanted to run from corning preserve, but with the construction 787 southbound was closed, so I opted to go to tried and true at SUNY.  I had a great run with negative splits.  Because I track all of my runs with Nike I compared  it to 2 months ago and I ran in over 3 minutes faster.  Progress has definitely been made. 

Saturday: 13.1 @ 11'02"
Camp Chingachgook Half Marathon.  I ran this race solely because I wanted to run with nearly 300 of my closest friends on hilly streets in the Adirondacks.  I wasn't looking to get a personal best.  Smartcoach wanted me to run it with a pace of 11'25"  which I did not.  I ran with an average pace of 11'05"  I plan on doing a whole race recap. But the cliff notes: its a hilly course, good challenge, amazing post race party. 

Yoga & Altamont fair.  
For a brief second I thought I'd still make up those 2 miles but negative.  I did walk around the Altamont fair during the hottest part of the day, which should count for something.

that was a lot to review.  This week is a high mileage week (for me) but I am looking forward to it.  I also am planning to get back on my bike and a strength class.  While I'm not working, I should be taking advantage of all the time to train for all the things.  Life will be a lot different very soon!

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