Monday, August 31, 2015

MHHM Training Week 7

I took a total rest day after the Thatcher Park Running Festival.  

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 10'04"  & yoga

I had expected a slow painful run,  I ended up feeling great and did some accidental negative splits.  

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 10'36"
I was in a foul mood all day but eventually laced up and headed to Lions Park for a 4 mile run with favorite running partner.  It was the opposite of the previous days run.  positive splits, felt very tired.  

Thursday:  yoga
I had wanted to get a run in before heading to Syracuse but after all my errands and how tired my legs were, I decided to do some yoga and enjoy the chance to see my college roommate & her family and my favorite country singer Eric Church.
Friday:  Rest
I had high hopes that I would drive back to Albany and get in either my 6 mile speed workout or a 3 mile run. I got home and was exhausted from a long night of dancing / and even longer night of looking for the car in the wrong parking lot.  My dad had come by and done some manual labor so I assisted ( kind of)  but mostly celebrated that Revenge season 4 is now on netflix. 

Saturday:  3 miles @ 11'15"
Satrday I was able to get my ducks in a row-  grocery shop, run a few errands, and meet up with a friend for a mid-day drink.  By the time I went for a run, it was warm and humid.  Since I knew I was still going for my long run the next day, I wasn't too worried about the pace.  I was happy when it was over though.

Sunday: 12 miles 11'02
It didn't take much to convince my friend Dara to join me for some Sunday miles.  I ran to Suny to get a bit extra and then we ran some mindless loops around the campus. Finding the water fountain has made life much easier, and I tolerated the many laps because I knew that roughly every 30ish minutes we'd be back at water. Thankfully the sun didn't join us, so while it was a bit warm, it was far better than some of the past runs.  I believe in my gps, but was interested to see that Dara's Strava splits were far different from what mine read.  Unfortunately we started running together at different points, so they wouldn't line up perfectly, but Strava had fairly even splits the whole way through and mine ranged a lot more.  I'm not overly concerned with it,  no GPS is perfect, but I may do some experiments. 

my oldests shoes are the widest- my feet have been swollen for weeks.

post long run fuel

I am a bit disappointed that I missed a big workout.  Which ultimately led me to miss my goal of 100 miles for the month of August.  I did however still run 15 more miles than July with only one extra day of running.  I've seen a lot of improvements over the past few weeks and most importantly I am motivated and uninjured.  Its hard to believe I am more than halfway towards my goal race.

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  1. Oh Man that last picture. Don't be upset about missing the 100 mile goal. you are doing so well and still having fun! Thats what counts the most. Don't let it become a chore!