Monday, August 24, 2015

MHHM Training Week 6

What an excellent week for running. It was hot and humid, but that didn't stop me. I have finally found my rhythm, which of course will change soon as I return to work August 31st. But in any case here is the training log for this week.

Monday: Rest
I was SO relieved when I saw that I didn't have to run on Monday in order to still hit all of my runs. My legs were still tired from Camp Chingachgook. And while I knew I could run, I also knew it wouldn't be pretty. I did head to the Tawasentha 5k race to volunteer. That course is NO joke and I never want to run it.  Ever.

Tuesday: Yoga & 3 miles 10'54"
Last week was a hot one so I woke up early so that Marcy and I could go running before it was too unbearable. While I know some people are real morning runners, we ran at 7:22 which is as early as I think I'll ever get. After, I dedicated some time to my yoga app and did the intermediate flexibility class. This class has been really great at stretching out my tired muscles, but I do really miss the more mindful side of yoga that I get from being in a real class.

Wednesday:  3 miles @ 11'32"
I hated everything about this run.  I still wanted to run early for Marcy & the heat.  It was suppose to stay cloudy most of the morning, but the moment we stepped outside the skies cleared and the temperature climbed.  I had slept terribly, Marcy had a bark fest around 4 am and I was hungry.  The short of it was everything felt wrong.  I shuffled along but I definitely didn't enjoy it.

wednesday was their final ride, time to have shoes without holes.

Thursday:  6 miles 10'12"  
My speed workout brought me back to the gym.  I kept my resting pace close to the weekly average recommended by smartcoach and did my 3 mile repeats at at 9:13 instead of 9:11 because that is what the treadmill offered. The first two repeats felt great. The last one was work but not unmanageable.  I wouldn't however, be able to have done a 4th repeat. It was a good run, I finally chose a treadmill in the middle, which has more airflow from the fans. While I like being on the ends, it had been too hot the last few times.  

Friday: Yoga & 3 miles @ 10'34"
All day I was waiting for my new sneakers to arrive.  I wanted to run in them and not any one of the other shoes that I own.  So I waited and waited and finally at 5pm they arrived.  I'm still not 100% sure that I'll keep them.  I had forgotten that in NB I wear my true size (5.5)  and had ordered a 6.  They fit but I'm not sure if a 5.5 would fit better. ( this is my life scenario in all things....)  anyhow I have 90 days to wear them and return them so I figured I'd give them a test run.  The run went well and the shoes felt good.  Unlike my skora's these were a lot sweatier, which means I'll likely actually need socks to wear the, which means the 6s will probably be fine.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel after already running 3 days in a row but I felt good.  I was also excited to know that Saturday was a full blown rest day.  

Saturday: Rest
Saturday was a lovely rest day.  I hung by the "pool"  napped, and cleaned the house.  In the evening I went to Sushi X for a friends birthday and then up to the Rusty Nail in CP for karaoke, which I did't stay long enough to see our people sing nor did I sing but it was a nice night out celebrating a friend.

Sunday:  Thatcher Park Running Festival Half Marathon
Since there was another local half marathon this weekend, I figured it was easiest to get my 13 miles in with them rather than on my own.  I don't know what I'll do next week since I haven't been able to find any local races !  I'll do a full report later but the trail was great.  I liked the course better than Indian Ladder.  I finished at 2:41:40 (per my watch) 
because all of this weeks pictures are of my feet.  muddy calves after a good trail run

I ran more miles this week then I did for the entire month of May or March. I am feeling great and looking for a new highest mileage week next week!

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