Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MHHM Training Week 3

Only now am I realizing that I've had the days mixed up, but in general I try to be flexible with which days I'll do which run to accommodate for life.  

Monday 4 miles (11'05")
I didn't go out until about 8:15pm because it was SO hot.  It still was, and initially I had it in my head that it was a 3 mile run until around mile 2 that I remembered it was meant to be 4. I could have just swapped the days, but earlier in the week I was still trying to compress the runs so I could do some hiking in the Adriondacks.  

Tuesday yoga
I am still missing my favorite class, but I did yoga at home.  

Wednesday 3 miles (10'09")
Wednesday turned into a very busy day. I had been at a conference all day, came home and my parents stopped by. We ended up going out for dinner but I still felt I could get my 6 mile in, then the neighbors were out and we let the dogs play for a while, so I didn't get to the gym until 9:15. I started the workout planning on doing the whole thing, but after 3 miles and knowing I had another day of conferences, I called it.  I did do one warm up mile 5.6 and 2 miles at 6.1.  Those two miles were hard. I'm not sure if it's because of the time of day or I'm just not ready for that pace but I was working.

Thursday 6 miles (10'26")
My originally intentions was to do the workout I had missed. Then I thought I would just do 2 miles at 9:57 to make up for the two I missed but I was on the treadmill again because of the heat/humidity and was bored real fast. Instead I played with the speed each mile and became progressively faster each time too it gave me something to watch other than days of our lives.

Friday yoga
I searched every yoga studio in the Albany area for a class to be held at 8-9 since I had plans starting at 10:30 and had absolutely no luck. I did at home yoga to loosen up before heading to Williamson
with my folks for a Van Gogh exhibit.


Indian ladder 15k trail (11'57")
Initially, I was all about adding the 3 miles to ensure that I met my goal of a 12 mile long run. I'm glad I didn't since the trail was tougher than I remember (I'm not hiking as much as I was when I ran it last) and I think those hills and trail work make up for the mileage. I had a fun time and finished uninsured which were my primary goals.

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