Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Veroony Falls

Back in the fall, one of my friends started up a group "learning with the ladies" the premise was that each of us had something unique to share.  We made homemade lipbalm and baileys during our first two meetings. Then life happened, holidays are busy, this winter was cold, and we didn't meet up again. A few weeks ago, I decided that the only skill I could really share is hiking. And while everyone is capable of walking, many of the ladies expressed wanting to hike. I sent out an invite for the ladies to hike Slide Mountain with me. (Completely self serving since I am working on all of the Catskill High Peaks). 

As it got closer, the weather was predicting for the hottest day of the year, so a change of plans was in order and we decided to hike Veroony Falls instead.

We met at the most southern home and began the drive to the Catskills. I was excited to not drive for once! The car ride was uneventful and while I recognized some road names, I still have no sense of direction. When we arrived at the trailhead parking, it was full; but with plenty of road shoulder, it wasn't an issue.

We geared up and started the 1.8 walk.  Most of us had keens or sneakers on, which were completely appropriate. The trail is wide, we had no issues walking two across (except of course if there was someone else around) and not technical. The trail could easily be run and mountain bikes (if allowed) I was having so much fun gabbing that I didn't take any pictures again until we reached the falls.

It was much cooler (temperature and life-wise) simply being near the waterfalls, but we had come to swim. The water was very cold which slowed some of us but failed to stop any of us. We hung out at our swimming hole for a while before moving down stream to the one near the bridge.  

There was a steady flow of fellow hikers throughout the afternoon, but with so many different levels and swimming holes, it felt like we had the whole trail to ourselves. Once everyone was fully refreshed, we started on our way back to the cars. Most of the trail was up hill to the falls, so it seemed super quick as we climbed down. Again, I was chatting away and never thought take any pictures.

We did get stuck in a hail storm on the drive home. I was thankful we were off the trail. We were also off the thruway, which our driver appreciated. We pulled into someone's yard as the storm passed by, which was one of the worst I've seen all summer.  

Once it cleared and made it back to our meeting spot, I hopped in my car to get home and take Marcy out.  Marcy would have loved the trail, but since it was a weekend and I knew it was likely to be busy I had chosen to leave her home.

Overall a great day. It's hard for me to hike things that aren't on one of my lists but I am so glad that we went and explored Veroony falls, I hope to hike it again.

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