Monday, July 27, 2015

MHHM Training Week 2

For the past few years I've struggled with motivation and consistency.  After leaving San Diego, I've struggled to find my running routes and and instead picked up old favorite hobbies, like hiking. I still miss the days of leaving my house to run to Sunset Cliffs, running Los Peñasquitos Canyon, or Mission Bay but I've adapted. This year I've been more consistent but kept my mileage low, in fact in these first two weeks of half marathon training I've run more miles (41) than the months of February (31.38), March (20.43), April (34.25) and May (26.39). (Even though I ran halves in February and March..) I'm adjusting, but my legs have been tired.  

When I first created my smartcoach plan, I thought I would have faster runs no problem, so I've been a bit surprised and frustrated with some of my runs. I know that my legs and lungs are becoming stronger, but it's hard to envision a PR with the amount of work I feel like I am putting for these current paces. I can only hope that heat and humidity training is similar to altitude training for a fall race. 

Ballet // 3 mile run @ 10'55"
I have no memory of what I did all day, but I managed to hold off running until after my ballet class. Class was good, although the instructor kept fixing my posture, I apparently have a lousy ballet pose. The class is not a workout class but technique and it's amazing how some of the smallest movements can work some obscure muscles. After class and a quick visit with in my neighborhood, I grabbed Marcy and we headed out.  I didn't realized that Marcy hadn't been running in a few weeks, but could tell by her wanting to charge ahead and stop and mark everywhere.  The run wasn't impressive but since my only goal was to be at or below Smartcoach's pace, I was happy.

Bike 1 hr (17miles) // Yoga
I loaded up my road bike and headed to Lions Park, for a brief minute a few weeks ago, I thought I would train simultaneously for a century ride and a PR. After these first two weeks I realize it was a bit too ambitious but I will continue biking to build up my endurance and cross train. The last time I headed westbound on the Mohawk bike trail I struggled to get up the big hill and was too scared to ride down it. This time I powered up the hill, although I was certain my heart was going to come out of my ears, and when it came to return I was able to cruise the whole time instead of walking it. I ended traveling 17 miles all of which felt good, but I was definitely hungry. I came home, changed clothes and headed over to Good Karma yoga studio. My favorite teacher teaches there so while it wasn't her class, I figured I would give it a whirl.  It was a good class, as I wait for my favorite teacher to return, I am starting to fear that I've built her up so much that I'll be disappointed.

6 miles 10'10"
Wednesday was my first speed workout.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to hit target paces on my own, so I headed over to my gym to run on the treadmill (yes, I know treadmill is not the same but I was far more consistent than I would have been on my own) 
Warm up mile @ 5.6 (10'43")
Mile 2 @ 6.4 (9'23")
Recovery 1/2 mile @ 5.6
Mile 3 @ 6.4
Recovery 1/2 mile @ 5.6
Mile 5 @ 6.2 (9'41")
Cool down @ 5.6
I had tried my hardest to keep pace for the third repeat but. I just couldn't hang. Overall I was quite pleased. And soaking wet. It was beautiful outdoor running weather and I was in the sweat box.

2 miles @ 11'23"
I had gone out Wednesday evening, so come Thursday morning Marcy was ready to tackle the day. Since I was working at camp I knew that it wasn't likely that I'd run after so we headed out at 7am.  I had thought I knew of a good 3 mile loop but all of it sucked. The roads were definitely too narrow for Marcy and I VS morning commuters.  We had to stop often since there is no shoulder.  I was also wrong in my guess of mileage because we ended up just back at the street at 2 miles.  I could have (and should have) picked up the extra mile but I didn't. Again, back in May I was running 2 miles a solid minute and a half faster pace.  I'm not really understanding how I'm getting slower, but I (sorta) have faith it'll turn around.

I was going to go to a spin class, but opted instead for a total rest day at the opening day of the Track.  
11 miles @ 11'17"
Saturday's run went pretty well. I wish I could have gotten out earlier, but was having some stomach issues and didn't feel right until close to 9 am. I ran at SUNY again looping between there and the state campus twice to get my 11 miles. This allowed for me to leave water in my car rather than carrying it. Last week's long run I walked one minute every mile. This week, I didn't feel the need.  I did bargain with myself that if my pace fell below the target pace (11:34) then I could walk one minute. It did happen once, but since I didn't actually see it while running, I ran the whole time.  

1 mile walk
I did a nature walk at the Pine Bush where I completed my training to become a volunteer naturalist. Nothing crazy, but felt good to get the legs moving.

I am proud that I completed all of my runs (minus one mile) and that all of my runs were faster than my "smartcoach" predicted. Although still a long ways away from my goal pace. I do need to work on my long run fueling a bit better and likely clean up my diet just a bit. Maybe those tweaks will help. This upcoming week will be a bit more challenging since I am working Monday-Thursday but I suppose it's a good reminder of what life will be like in a few short weeks.

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