Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Boilermaker (20)15k Training Week 7

Ragnar Trail beat me up a lot more than I was expecting.  Its likely because I did as many miles in one day as I normally run in a week but my legs were very heavy this week.

Monday:  Yoga.  I had seen Nanda on the schedule at the Nisky gym and was totally stoked to attend her class, only to have it be canceled ( i think it was an error in the first place)  But then I was motivated to do more than just beginner relaxation.  I was feeling pretty stiff from running all the trails, sleeping in a tent, and then physically not moving for an entire day sunday.  I did beginners combination on my yoga studio app.  It had the right level of mixture, but I didn't attempt any of the more advance modifications that I've learned.  When I do go back to my regular class, it will be a very rude awaking.

Tuesday: 3 mile run (10'51")  Despite having all the time in the world to go running,  I somehow cannot get myself out the door and on the road until the hottest part of every day.  Maybe subconsciously I am training my body for the expected sweatfest that is the boilermaker but it was warm and my legs were dead.  I shuffled along through the neighborhood with Marcy and felt like I was running miles 23-26.  (though if i ever run the last 3 miles of a marathon sub 11 minutes I'll be damn proud)  I got it done but I didn't enjoy it my legs were clearly not ready.

Wednesday:  Spin.  I had a personal thing against one of the spin instructors at my gym.  She is the favorite among most but I just didn't like her.  I typically will go to anyone elses class but hers.  Unfortunately she was the only one on tap for Wednesday evening so I went anyways and found that I don't dislike her as much as I thought  I did. The class was good and I kept about a 16mph pace on the bike (something I cannot do outdoors)

Thursday: manual labor.  I finally decided it was time to tackle my garage.  It was a bit grungy when I moved in last august and I've just been ignoring it.  Finally I decided to clean it and organize.  It took a good chunk of the day but it looks so damn good now that I can't wait until my Dad picks up his car so I can use my garage again.

Friday: 5 mile run (10'53")  another non impressive run.  I had wanted to get my 8 mile run done before the weekend but ended up going to work at my schools summer camp for the day. I then only had a bit of time to run before heading to Troy to see Eastbound Jesus perform.  My legs didn't feel as tired but didn't feel awesome either.

Saturday: I still wanted to tackle 8 miles before Sunday ( so I could go hiking)  but it was pouring rain all morning and then time for 4th of july festivities.  I did take marcy on a 10,000 step walk.  But postponed the run yet again.

Sunday:  8 miles.  (11'20") I am disappointed with how this run went except for a few things.  1. even if i run this exact same pace next week, I'll have the course PR I am looking for ar Boilermaker.  2. I had coffee immediately before leaving and had to stop at 2 different gas stations.  3.  I didn't run with any water ( but did have some from the second gas station about 3 miles in. 4.  It was sunny and warm.  So all things considered I did well.  I had really set myself up to fail.  As I continue training through the summer, I'll need to get a better idea as to how to fuel/water properly since I hate carrying anything.

I am disappointed with my pace this week but am glad that I did still manage to get all 3 runs in (and over 10,000 steps each day on my fitbit)  I am thankful that this week is low mileage to give my legs a chance to recover so that I can enjoy boilermaker next week!

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