Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boilermaker (20)15k Training Week 6

Monday: Yoga Studio App - beginner relaxation (30 mins)  I have been feeling less than motivated for yoga since my favorite instructor went on maternity leave.  But I did stick to it and did something. (the good news is that I think she'll be back on the schedule soon)

Tuesday: Because I did screw up the weeks - I could decide between 5 miles and 3 miles so found myself running 4.  I finally left SUNY to run on the bike path, I definitely think the change of scenery helped because I finished my run quite a bit faster than my past few runs had been.

found some water to let Marcy swim during our tuesday night run

Wednesday:  30 minute bike ride.  I had wanted to go for 45-60 minutes but my stomach was feeling off after 30 minutes so I made my way home instead.  My pace on the bike isn't impressive (12mph) but it was also the first time I was semi-riding in traffic (back at SUNY yet again)

Thursday: Hiked Bearpen and Vly with my uncle and all the dogs (roughly 8 miles)

Friday:  Ran 10.3 miles between legs one and two of Ragnar Trail

Saturday: Ran 5 for leg 3 of Ragnar trail

only selfie I took the entire weekend.  

Sunday: Not a damn thing.  I was so exhausted from the weekend that I didn't move at all for almost the entire day.  I think I maxed out at 2,000 steps.

I think all the mileage from Ragnar will put me in a good spot for Boilermaker. My goals are still pretty loose for this race since the temperature will play a huge role.  I am still aiming for a course PR but don't think I'm in shape yet for an overall PR.  Atleast for the past 6 weeks I have been consistent with training, this will help create the base I want heading into fall half marathon training. 

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