Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Goals - June

Gosh its hard to believe we are more than halfway through the year.  I suppose its a good thing,  years that seem to have traveled slowly were often the most challenging (and not the rewarding kind of challenging years)   I find tracking my goals this year to be harder than previous years, they aren't all quite as measurable and to be honest if I didn't review them monthly, I'd probably forget about them completely.  But here it goes

  • Travel to a non-english or spanish country. (Amsterdam planned for April)
  • Read 36 books (19/36)
I knew with the school year ending I'd catch up quickly.  I loved rereading the harry potter series since I hadn't read them since the year the last one came out.  Since finishing them, I've had a hard time getting into other books, but did enjoy ready player one, once i was able to wrap my head around it.  Descent wasn't as great as I had heard from other people but it was good, predictable but move along easily enough.
    • Harry Potter & the half Blood Prince - JK Rowling
    • Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows - JK Rowling
    • Ready Player One
    • Descent 
  • Yoga once a week (26/52)
Pretty stoked that I managed 4 classes for the month of June.  It looks like Nanda will be back on the schedule in two weeks and I can't wait.
  • Follow one new recipe a week (4/52)
This goal will not be accomplished this year.  I did follow a new recipe but I am a long way from 52. 
  • Begin volunteering regularly at the Albany Pine Bush
I am nearly done with my volunteer requirements,  I shadowed a current naturalist and today (july) i'll fill out my paperwork and explore the center.  All that I'll have left is to attend a public program!
  • Explore all of the Pine Bush trails 
No new trails this month (again)
  • Cross off 12 Bucket List goals (3/12)
No new bucketlist items crossed off  :(

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