Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Container Garden

As soon as I moved into my house, I was excited for the prospect of planting a garden. I thought about it all winter but wasn't able to decide on a spot.  The most ideal location has concrete (for unknown reasons to me) and I don't have the resources that chop that up.  Instead, I decided to do a few containers this year, with the plans of creating a raised bed over the abandoned patio. (Best guess for its for former use)

Once I decided that, I also had to keep in mind my water source. We had a very hot and very dry may/early June. I cannot bring myself to use tap water to keep my lawn green, here in upstate NY we have been lucky with our water sources, but with it such a valuable resource throughout the world, it seems wasteful to me to just keep my lawn green.  While watering vegetables seems more productive, I only have one water spigot, and it is on the other side of the house.  I know myself and know I would be frustrated daily by having to trek back and forth, so one day when it finally started to rain, I decided to collect some near the home of my planters.

I realize I may have to resort to trekking around if we have another hot/dry spell like we did, but having the water close will definitely make it easier for now.  Once the location and water sources were planned, I got to work. I bought 5 bins (10 gallons each) and 5 bags of potting soil. 

I had read that they should have areas for water to drain, so I got to work with a hammer and nail. (Note: this would be much easier with an electric screwdriver) 

The fun part finally happened when I bought my plants. I ended up with one of each of the following: jalapeƱo, red bell pepper, husky cherry tomato, patio tomato, eggplant (black beauty), ichiban eggplant, zucchini, straight neck squash, cucumber, sweet basil, and cilantro.

This is the first time I've attempted gardening since I was roughly 15. I'm concerned that the plants won't have enough space in their containers, but it'll be a learning process this year.  I am hopeful! Someday I hope to grow from seed, but baby steps, no need to set myself up to fail this year!

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