Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Boilermaker (20)15k Training Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 of my boilermaker training is where the wheels could have potentially fallen off.  I started the week off strong.

Sunday- I made it to a spin class at my gym

Monday- at home Pilates

Tuesday- 4 mile run

Wednesday- spin class

and then it stopped.  At this point I had hurt my shoulder, likely from over use.  It had been bothering me for weeks ( i think i was too aggressive with side planks one day in yoga - and road biking and body pump didn't help. )

 On Thursday of that week, I met up with Jen, her friend, and my friend Julie for a Girls on the Run fundraising paint and sip. 

The rest of the weekend remains a blur, but I do know, I failed to get in the other 2 runs that were scheduled. Often, stuff like that completely sets me back, but thankfully I also realized that I had made a mistake in counting how many weeks I had left to train for the boilermaker and discovered that I had a chance to redeem myself.

In short, I nailed it during week 4.

Monday- At home yoga.  I decided to tone it down from my aggressive advanced classes I've been challenging myself with and return to the basics.  It was great for my shoulder and truly relaxing as my last week of school was upon me.

Tuesday-  After accidentally taking off a whole week, I found myself back at SUNY for 3 miles. 

Wednesday- I was up nice and early to make it to my last 5am spin class until the fall.  I did take it easy when in positions 2 & 3 as not to bother my shoulder, and not favoring it seemed to do the trick.

Thursday-  I had wanted to go to body pump, but my shoulder didn't quite feel up to it, so I decided to do yoga at home.  Marcy participated some, but then also decided to disappear out of the yard. (my neighbor returned her to me before I even realized .. thank goodness!)

Friday- Rest. I did nothing on Friday, other than have my last day of school and see Jurassic World ( for the first time...)

Saturday- 5 mile run.  I haven't run 5 miles since February, with the exception of my March half marathon.  It was warm and sunny so I took it as slow as Marcy would let me.  She was a champion. She has stopped having to 'mark' every few feet and only stopped when I forced her to play in the puddles to cool off. 

Sunday- 4 miles.  I left Marcy at home since she had run the day before and it was already a bit warm.  She wasn't happy with me. I decided to jog through the neighborhood across the way, which is dull.  I do it often but find it quite painful (which is odd since for some reason SUNY never gets old to me...)  anyhow, I reached the back entrance of the neighborhood at 2 miles and decided to turn left to see if I could loop back to western ave and ultimately my neighborhood.  I didn't have my phone with me, so I was just guessing where these roads might go.  I loved the route.  Hills, turns, almost country-like.  But the entire time I was worried that I was running too far east and would regret my decision to not do an out and back.  I was also on a bit of a time crunch since I had brunch plans, but ultimately my internal map was right and I was back at my house at exactly 4 miles. 

After the hiccup of week 3, I am very glad that week 4 went as well as it did.  Officially this is the best I've trained for the boilermaker ( which isn't saying much). I am still hopeful to have a course PR in a few weeks.

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