Monday, June 1, 2015

Boilermaker (20)15k Training Week 2

The downfall of low mileage weeks is the temptation to miss runs.  I still managed to hit most of my workouts but mentally I kept thinking "it's only 2 miles" and how it wouldn't matter if I missed them. But, I've had a long history of not training well for races, and I'm now ready to commit to truly building up my mileage and distance.  So I stuck to the plan and had a pretty solid week.

Monday - was Memorial Day, I don't know what I did all day other than eat octopus head for the first time and see pitch perfect 2.

Tuesday - it was hot and muggy but Marcy and I headed over to SUNY campus for two miles.  I took it easy.  

Wednesday - I woke up early to make it to the 5:45 spin class.  The new bikes are in, which blink colors if you aren't working in the appropriate zone.  So it was definitely an ass kicking workout.

Thursday - I was back at the gym to get beat up during body pump.  I know that my strength and core are very weak but even this was eye opening.  The max weight I had was 15 pounds and my arms were shaking.  After class I went out for a very torturous run.  Those two miles were not easy.  I hope that if nothing else these tough workouts will help in the heat and hills of boilermaker in July.

Friday- was a rest day.  I had thought about doing the yoga I missed earlier in the week, but ultimately decided to just relax.

Saturday - instead of the two miles, I decided to do the Freihofers run for women.  It was a solid run, which has me excited to see how the rest of the summer plays out.

Sunday - I had wanted to take the road bike out, but woke up to pouring rain.  I also stayed in bed until 9:30. I was able to register for the 10am spin class so I pulled myself out of bed.  The new bikes continued to taunt me and I worked my damnest to keep the light on green.  I like the screens that tell me the rpm and mph which definitely make me more accountable.  The spin classes and body pump has irritated my shoulder that has been acting up, so next week may include different cross training to give it a chance to rest, otherwise I'm excited for another week.

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