Monday, May 25, 2015

Boilermaker (20)15k Training Week 1

With my run streak over,  I have seen an increase in my pace (most days) and an improvement in my ability to get runs done.  I have a few races planned for the next few weeks but what I really want is a course PR for the boilermaker.  I am not expecting a 15k PR since race day is in july, hot, and I typically drive the hour + the day of to race. But in the past I haven't trained at all for the boilermaker, I think its quite reasonable to shave off a few seconds.

I am not yet in the mindset for wanting to train seriously. I've been enjoying running, hiking, biking, yoga, and an over all healthy spring which the lower mileage allows.  So rather than following an intense training plan,  I've decided to use Hal Higdons 15k Novice plan as a basic map of what I should be doing  each week to prepare.

I had confused how many weeks were left until Boilermaker so this week I started up on Week 3 of the the training plan (although obviously it was my first week)

Monday:  since my favorite Yoga instructor is off having a baby, I am back to doing the yoga studio app. While I love the app, finding the space and focus is a lot harder than it used to be.  I did do the advanced strength class (60 minutes) which I felt would be a good combination of stretch and strength.  What I miss about a real class is the explanation of how to get into some of the more challenging poses.  I am not ready to do a few of them, and had a hard time finding appropriate modifications.  But I got it done regardless.

Tuesdays run called for 3 miles.  They almost didn't happen since I had a late doctors appointment, had to rush my dad around to the airport and finally got home starving at 6pm.  I decided to eat dinner first and then around 7:30 Marcy and I headed over to SUNY Albany to run.  It was the perfect place to run since the lights come on once its dark enough and its nearly a perfect 3 mile loop. Marcy and I have come a long way since we started running.  Or maybe just I have but we kept a sub 10 minute pace the whole way.  No lunging for squirrels or bathroom breaks.

Wednesday called for 30 minutes of cross training.  I decided to make it a bit more practical.  Marcy needed a tick collar (shes come in from the backyard with them) so we walked to the local petsmart about 1.5 miles away.  Our 3 mile walk was productive for all of us .

Thursday ended up being my rest day.  I volunteered at the corporate challenge for Ragnar but it all took longer than expected.  I still haven't become a morning athlete.

Friday Marcy and I headed back to SUY but only ran the prescribed 2 miles and walked the remaining mile back to the car.  I love how peaceful the campus is this time of year.  I came home and did 15 minutes of a Jillian Michaels video.  I had a hard time getting into it, but I did try.  Next week I hope to make it to a body pump class instead.

Saturday: called for 30 minutes of XC.  Instead I had an afternoon in Burlington walking around.  It was a last minute decison to drive up for the day and I enjoyed seeing the city.  Without ever visitng before I had made claim that I would move there.  After visiting,  I would still do so willingly.  It was a great day.

Sunday:  I was slow moving Sunday, enjoying my bed, reading book 5 of harry potter and not realizing how warm it was getting outside.  My house stayed very cool, so I was under the impression that I could go running at any time.  Finally around 11, I got myself up to run and learned that it was warm.  I opted to not bring Marcy because I thought she would overheat, which was the right call, because I was definitely over heating.  I was thirsty the whole run, and just felt funky.  Summer weather is coming and I'm going to have to learn to hydrate better or run earlier.

I like the low mileage, it helps my ego since my pace is improving (minus the 4 miler where I was melting)  I also like following the guideline of what to run.  It allows some structure but again, not requiring as much commitment just yet.  Maybe I'll be inspired for some dedicated training post-boilermaker but for now a successful first week, which also means I've trained for one whole week more than I did for last years boilermaker. 

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