Monday, April 6, 2015

Adventures in Amsterdam

I teach young children, and therefore teach everything.  From grace and courtesy to multiplication to sweeping, and reading.  Of all of these subjects, geography is my favorite.  I love every part about it, maps, borders, people, customs, landformations.  I am fascinated about learning about the world around me and of course how I fit.  

Whenever we discuss a new place, I start by showing where we live on the globe. 

Then I point out where the new place is located. From there, I'll begin to ask questions how we can get there. 

When I mentioned that I was traveling to Amsterdam, my students had many combinations that they suggested including walking, driving, swimming, submarines, boats and airplanes. We did conclude that the fastest way to get there would be to drive to the airport and then fly to Amsterdam.

I always love their suggestions as we compare how long it would take to each one (swimming not likely, walking only parts, I don't have any interest in submarines since being under the earth in any way freaks me out, caves especially - and yes submarines make me think of caves) boats ( days) flying (hours)

Obviously the hours seem the most ideal. But my flight ended being more than just hours. 

I left Thursday afternoon and drove to the airport. I was through security quickly and settled in at the bar for my obligatory spring break beer.  My flight had a minor delay out of Albany, but a massive one in Philadelphia.  Instead of leaving philly at 8:30 pm we left at midnight and didn't arrive until noon Friday (6am est).  because of the delays, my sister had rebooked our flights to Amsterdam, after wandering through and finding my sister it was then time to board and go.  We arrived an hour later, but lost another hour due to time zones so it was now 7pm on Friday (1pm Est) it was another 30 minute drive until we arrived at our very cool hotel and just nearly 24 hours since I had started in Albany and a cool 28 hours since I had slept.
Because of my extended day, we grabbed an amazing dinner at the hotel restaurant, took a walk around the neighborhood and loosely planned our weekend before calling it for the night. 11pm (5pm Est- 32 hours since sleep. It was a very full day of traveling. My sister and I have not ever gone away together and neither of us had been to Amsterdam, so most certainly worth it.

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