Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adventures in Amsterdam: KWL Chart

Truth be told, when my sister mentioned the idea of Amsterdam, I didn't know much about the city.  If I were to do my very own fancy KWL list (know/want to know/ learned) It'd look a bit like this:

City in Netherlands, part of Holland, Dutch is official language but English spoken, Dutch folks I've meet have been super fun, red light district, tulips, wooden shoes, Anne Frank's family lived there, and "coffee" houses.

Want to know:
Everything. (See previous post)


Canals- while I've had a decent idea of where Amsterdam was located, I was somehow unaware of how the city consisted of a series of canals.  (Which is also considered a unesco world heritage site.) On our first full day, my sister and I took a boat tour of the canals.  We were able to get a good view of the city from the water along with some new facts learned.  Such as, there are 165 canals.  They are no longer selling house boat moorings. And the coat of arms and many flags have three x's

Bikes! Between Philadelphia and Amsterdam, I began reading The Cities of Bikes - the story of the Amsterdam cyclist.  It only mildly prepared me for the amount of bikes found in the city. Bikes rule and seem to always have the right of way, it is with great shock that I can report that my sister and I managed to not get hit. Unfortunately we didn't quite have enough time to join in the fun, so it'll be added to the future to do list. 

Montelbaanstoren is also known as silly jack since the clock's bells were unreliable. 

After our boat tour, we wandered around The city before having lunch, walking around the Jordaaan, the red light district, and hitching a ride on the tram back to the hotel. We took some time to relax (my sister fully enjoying her children free weekend) before going back out for an amazing dinner at Envy.  We had explored a lot, which left us with the ability to survive out for a few more drinks, but certainly no clubbing until dawn like all of my Dutch classmates would back in San Sebastain. 

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