Sunday, March 22, 2015

Albany Pine Bush: Blueberry Hill East

A few weeks ago I had tried to find the Blueberry Hill East trail head and arrived at a massive snow mountain, which I assumed was fully blocking the trail head.  It was also pick up time at the daycare nearby and chaotic so I left to find another trail.  On Saturday I decided to try again, mostly because this trail is walking distance from my house from a side trail.  I wanted to see the whole trail first and get the lay of the land.

I see the sign in kiosk 
 I assume that eventually the mountain will melt and the trail head will be visible from the parking lot, but for now, there is in fact a path to the left.  I signed in, mostly to check to see if here were other people signed in for the day.  Then set off following the trail to the left.  

I very much enjoyed my walk. While the temperature was cool, it definitely seemed more like spring than my last pine bush walk. Birds were chirping, chipmunks scurrying, ice cracking, mud squishing. The trails were loud, but in the most amazing way.  This winter has been cold, so any hope of the warm days to come is greatly appreciated. 
the tower there is also visible from my house

The red trail is currently closed, so I just followed the yellow loop, which is about 1.85 miles with some nice hills and views. This trail could connect to two others for close to 4 miles. What is extra great is that the south side of it is accessible from my neighborhood. I know for sure I'll be back.

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