Monday, February 9, 2015

Mindless Running

I know that all the rage these days is about being mindful and present in our own lives and all that good stuff, but my run the other day was the opposite.

Since returning from Florida, I have been busier with my school than I had been all year.  We had a special kindergarten event, a kindergarten info session, a class observation, my first student teacher, open house, and a math curriculum event.  All of which I've been involved.  Aside from school stuff, I've been trying to keep my new years goals in the forefront by reading more and have begun the volunteer training process for the Pine Bush.   I'm thankful that I am taking the time to accomplish these goals and to be more involved with my school community but my brain has been working over drive.

I had yet another short bout with the asthma/coughing/black lung the other week and while I was itching to get out for a run, I spent most of the week cross training with spin classes and yoga.  By Saturday I was ready to lace up.

salty path but clear, thankfully it didn't bother the boss.

Marcy was also ready to go, it was finally a decent temperature ( feels like 20) and the pathway was mostly clear so I decided to bring her along with me, since shes been stuck inside most of the week.  I knew I only wanted to do the SUNY loop once, I could have made it a progressive or tempo run.  I thought about added fartleks or scheduled intervals, instead I put on DJ Tiesto's club life and just ran.

I didn't think about work or make a to-do list.  I didn't pay attention to my watch ( although I had it on, of course) I only casually thought about my breath ( mostly to ensure I was breathing and not coughing)  and ran the familiar course around the college. I'm not sure I had any real coherent thoughts for the entire run. 

And it was awesome.

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  1. Sometimes I like to check out on runs too. I need the break and to get away from it all. Hope it was the break you needed! :)