Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 goals: February in Review

  • Travel to a non-english or spanish country.
    • Plans are still booked for April to visit Amsterdam.
  • Read 36 books (4/52)
  • Work was crazy busy this month so even though I had a vacation, I only managed to read two books.  One was excellent ( All the light we cannot see) and one was eh. (Eleanor & Park)
  • Yoga once a week (10/52)
    • I was a yoga machine this month.  I made it to my new favorite class twice, which is impressive in itself since all our our snowfall has been on Mondays.  And I did 6 classes on the yoga studio app.  I also figured out how to make my own classes on there and have so,e kick ass classes with all of my favorite poses included.  
  • Follow one new recipe a week (4/52)
    • I can't be certain I even followed one recipie. It was a bad month of dining. I'm looking forward to getting my life back together.
  • Begin volunteering regularly at the Albany Pine Bush
    • I've started the process to become a volunteer.  There is a lot involved. And when February turned crazy it was pushed back a bit. I am most certainly looking forward to picking up some speed on that.
  • Explore all of the Pine Bush trails (8/15)
    • I finally explored the Karner Barrens West Trail.  Marcy and I scooted over after work one day.  It is a nice trail, but like the east side, it is very close the the thruway and incredibly loud.  I can't imagine myself willingly choosing that route again for something relaxing.
    • I also finally did the blue trail at Karner east.
    • Snowshoe the Rapp Barrens 
  • Cross off 12 Bucket List goals (2/12)
    • Technically I finished my half marathon inside a stadium, it was not what I envisioned when I added that to the bucketlist so I don't think I'll cross it off the list
    • I finally bought cross country skis and ventured out. 

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