Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kings Highway Barren

Despite the (surprise to me) snow in the morning (&& the first time in 2 months I had parked outside of the garage) the day turned out to be nice. I had to work for a few hours at my school, so I was determined to do something "weekend-y" once I left. While it's still nothing like summer day light hours, slowly but surely the days are getting a bit longer. I figured I would have plenty of time to grab Marcy and explore another trail from the Pine Bush.  

The Kings Highway Barren is located off of Kings Highway, which until today I was unaware existed. In the short 1.8 ish miles I was on the road I came across 4 historical markers, so clearly this road has been here and has some major significance to the Albany area.  Because of the fresh snow, I blew past the trail-head and had to turn around. This is when I also learned that several of the major radio stations I scan through were located here.

I wasn't surprised that I was the only car. I even almost let Marcy be off -leash (while not allowed, I've been super curious to see how she'd be) ultimately since I didn't have any treats to potentially lure her back I decided against it.  Plus, I'm usually a rule follower, with the exception of speed limits. 

According to the pine bush's website, there is only one trail here, which is marked red.  I managed to end up on an unmarked trail that lead to the power lines.  It seem like those trails were also in use, but I'm not sure where they go. We doubled back towards the junction to continue on the officially marked red trail.  

The trail was icy. There definitely wasn't enough snow today to cover the mess from last week's freezing rain. I had decided against using snowshoes, but some form of traction could have definitely been used.

We made our way back to the car as the sun was setting and it was absolutely beautiful. I swear each trail that I explore becomes my newest favorite. The pine bush is such an amazing preserve.

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  1. Oh man I need to get out there soon. I just never think of it when I'm thinking of something to do.