Sunday, December 7, 2014

Workout Recap 12.1-12.7

Monday:  Yoga - 1 Hr intermediate relaxation yoga
I've mentioned it before, but it's worth saying again and again.  I love the Yoga Studio App.  The wide variety of classes are great and I chose to do the relaxation yoga which involves lots of great hip stretches.

Tuesday: 10 minute warm up 5 /800 repeats with 400 recovery / 10 minute cool down.
My calf muscle has been a bit sore since switching to new shoes, and this speed workout made me feel as though it was going to rip straight off.  My goal was to do the 800 repeats in 4:11, which I managed for one - after that it was a total struggle.  I still managed to do my repeats but it wasn't pretty.

Wednesday: 30 minute bike ride - 6 mile. 
I had wanted to go to spin class, but couldn't quite get myself out the door early enough.  I did make it to the gym and did an easy ride before school.  The workout wasn't impressive, but the win was that I went to the gym before school.

Thursday: 1 mile warm up 3 mile temp 1 mile cool down
After work I was back at the gym for another treadmill run.  While I would prefer to be outdoors, the sun sets so early and the black ice keeps me from the streets.  This run went significantly better than intervals.  I did an easy warm up and then kept a 10:10 pace for miles 2 & 3 before speeding up a touch for a 9:50 pace for mile 4.  I rounded out the run with a cool down

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest/ wandering NYC

Sunday: 2 different 5 mile runs. 
My plan was for 10 miles.  I had spent a while trying to find a nice loop so that I could refuel with water &/or snacks.  I should have settled on running suny Albany but had the urge to be on the trails, so I headed over to the Great Dunes Trailhead.  While I knew it rained the day before, I hadn't realized how icy the trails would be.  I loved the trails, but had a really hard time keeping a normal gait so after 5 miles slow miles I decided to call it quits.  

After taking Marcy to the dog park & for a walk, I made it home and decided to tackle the remaining 5 miles.  Marcy seemed to still have a lot of energy, so I decided to take her along with me for the run.  The run was not interesting, we ran along 3 different major roads in my town (one of which doesn't have a sidewalk, but does have a large grassy area that we ran on, slowly) and in the neighborhood.  Near the end Marcy was finally tired and running with me instead of leading me.  
This was an average run mostly impressive that I went back out for another 5 mile run AND that I did it outdoors in the cold temperature.

A very solid week of workouts put in the bank towards Paradise Coast Marathon.

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