Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 14 moments of 2014

There is no way around it, 2014 was a great year.  In no real particular order, the highlights of my year.

I started in HS and as I begin to place roots in the area I grew up in, it was incredible to achieve this goal. It wouldn't have been possible with out the help of many friends. Those that hiked with me for the past 15 years: Cory N, Ren, Jeremy, Julie, (and all our other camp friends), Greg S, Joe (who made it a point to be in the country for my final climb), Mark, Paul, Matt, Marguerite, Pete, AC, Karen, Greg D, Jen, and the new friends I made along the way Barry, Anne, and Nick. I am also in debt to those who took time out of their weekends to let Marcy out. Amy B, Susan, Lindsey, Jen, Amy I, and Julie who went above and beyond since the day I took my pup home.  

2. Adopting Marcy.
I had wanted a dog for a while, and finally made the necessary moves to do so. I saved my money, moved to a pet friendly apartment and began searching rescue groups. I couldn't be happier, Marcy has a heart of gold and a ton of personality.

3. Owning my house
Without Marcy this wasn't going to happen. I was anti homeowning. But then I wanted a yard. My mom found this great house in Albany & I fell in love and changed my mind.  It's been fun making it mine and nice to know that I am not moving any time soon. I again owe many thanks to my parents. I also appreciate the helping hands of my uncle who replaced the wood paneling, Jessie & my parents for helping me paint, my neighbors for helping with leaves, snow & general kindness. My friends who have sent me sweet & useful gifts (I'm terrible at thank you cards, Liz, the G's, the B's, Stephanie, Uncle Jon & Bernadine)

Alaska was on my bucket list, while I want to visit all 50 states, I knew that I would find kindred spirits in Alaska. It was amazing to see so much of the state in a short amount of time. I loved everything about the state and hope to return someday. (And yet another Thank you to my parents who funded this adventure and allowed their 30 year old daughter sleep on a cot in their room.)

As a newer traveler, it was exciting to travel to Central America. I rang in the new year in Monteverde,(which I still feel hungover when I think about that night and following day) went to coffee plantations, hiked dormant volcanos, zip lined, beached, hiked, and had an amazing time. On my way back I spent the day in Mexico City visiting an old friend. I am so lucky.

6. Ragnar
I became a Ragnar Ambassador and had the chance to do a few events for the organization and run my second Ragnar. I wasn't as trained as I would have liked, but had a good time running & meeting new people. I was offered to be an ambassador again this year and am hoping to put together an ultra team!

7. Mini college reunion weekend-Catskills
One weekend last March I met up with some of my favorite guys from college and saw our friends maple syrup operation & overall caught up.  I hadn't seen most of them since 2006 so it was a treat.

I traveled to London for the 3rd time and have finally started to fall in love with the City. It helps that I was able to spend time with my sister and niece exploring - the zoo, parks, &aquarium.  

Hiking haystack, basin and saddleback was a huge turning point in my hiking attitude. It was a scramble like I've never seen before and such a rush when I conquered it. It was then I realized that I could & would become a 46er.

10. Two nights of DMB
My friend Paul and I ended up getting free inside tickets to Dave one night & upgraded the second night. I had never seen a show from inside the amphitheater at SPAC before and now I know I never will be on the lawn again. I hadn't been to a Dave show since Paul and I sat outside one in 2007.

 I began working at the camp that started all of my hiking and had the opportunity to trip lead. I brought a handful of middle schoolers on a back country canoeing trip. This was another moment where I returned to my roots that have helped me become who I am today.  Who says you can't go home again?

12.  Family Time
The month of November my sister & her family stayed in NY.  I went down to they city for two weekends and was so happy to get to spend some extra time with my niece and finally meeting my nephew. It's hard with them so far away, so I am grateful for these moments.

13.  Turning 30
My 30th birthday was awesome. My sister coordinated with my dearest friend Julie for a gathering at Browns Brewing. It was great to see my friends and my sister got me a snoopy carrot cake, which was absolutely perfect.

14. World Cup viewing
I convinced my dad to join me at the Biergarten with some friends to watch the USA game. It was a simple moment, but stands out as one of my favorites from the summer.

I may not achieved ANY of my goals for 2014, but that doesn't mean I didn't accomplish a lot. 


  1. That sounds like a downright amazing year. Your travels sound awesome, and your accomplishments are huge! Congratulations!

  2. Awesome year! So many big and exciting things. I love how your recapped it.