Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mid training taper / aka the plague

I had every intention of running my butt off while in Florida. Conditions were great, overcast but warm, a bit humid but I was looking forward to running the marathon course is similar conditions. All I packed for this trip was running gear. Most of the month of Decembers had gone great, so I was looking to finish the month with 100 miles.  The first time I would have done that since 2009. 

But as fate would have it, a 100 mile month was not to happen.  If I was being honest about it, I shouldn't have been running nearly as much as I had.  I had been sick since early November. I had a nasty sinus infection that sort of went away, but not entirely.  I was feeling slightly better, but then had a cough that wouldn't quit.  

As I landed in Florida it seemed to have gotten even worse and I was completely laid up. I did finally start some antibiotics with the diagnoses that it was likely pneumonia. I spent my entire week on my parents couch. I listened to Serial (and like everyone else have become obsessed) watched two days of NCIS marathons and played an unnecessary amount of candy crush.  It certainly wasn't the week I had wanted, but what I wanted and my body needed were very different.  

I have now returned to the wonderful upstate NY, feeling better. But with a mid training cycles taper, I'm feeling less confident about my training than I was a week ago.  

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