Sunday, December 21, 2014

All things December.

There are so many things I want to write about that I don't where to begin.  So instead of a whole bunch of posts, here's one for December until today.  This will at least put me back up to date moving forward.

I went down to NYC with JC from Sweet Love & Ginger for a blogger meet up.  While I've meet a few bloggers in real life, I had never done one of these.  We took greyhound had a coffee/tea at BAKE with a blogger from Philly before meeting everyone else for brunch. Everyone was easy to chat with and had a nice time.  After we said our goodbyes, I decided to finally see the tree in Rockefeller center which was on the bucketlist.  It was pouring out, so I didn't last long, but am glad I did stop.

At some point I put my Christmas lights up and after two days of sloppy snowy commutes, on the third day I was finally rewarded with a snow day.  My dog Marcy also took her Christmas card photo with her boyfriend Harrison.

Marathon training has progressed well despite rearranging schedule runs because of dates, snow,and a wicked persistent cough that I've had since November.  I ran my first HMRRC Winter series, which was a 15k (with a 3 mile warm up) I swallowed my pride and ran my own race / pace and finished feeling strong, even though it meant I was one of the last few finishers (1:38:47) ((235/251)).
The ladies got together for our second Learning from the Ladies group where we made our own Irish Cream.  It was super easy to do & fun to hangout with the girls again. 
Marcy and I went on an evening run trying to find the Lea House, which I've been told has an impressive light display.  We ran through some great neighborhoods saw some great lights, but I was confused and missed the actual street I was looking for.  We turned back and made it to the house and relaxed, maybe next year we'll find it!

After the slowest week ever, winter break has arrived and I traveled to Fort Myers to spend Christmas with my parents. Afire such a busy month, I am looking forward to relaxing with nothing but some running on my schedule for the rest of the week.

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  1. I love Irish Cream. My Aunt makes it every year for Christmas! It was great to hang out with you, we should do something again soon, maybe get the pups together to play. Enjoy the nice weather and have a good holiday!