Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wolf Creek Falls Preserve

I had hoped to head to the Catskills this weekend to get my fix of the mountains and officially start working towards the 3500 club. However, during the middle of the week I got hit with a cold and have been fighting a cough.  I had felt slightly better on Saturday so I had gone for my run, then out for dinner, drinks and dancing which proved to be too much.  I spent most of the night coughing and mountain climbing definitely seemed out of the question.  

Not wanting to waste the whole day, I decided to explore some new to me trails.  I decided to head over to Wolf Creek Falls Preserve in the town of Knox.  

The parking lot was easy to find and I was the only car.  I grabbed a map and took off into the woods.  Marcy loved the new scents but wasn't excessive in her pulling, which made it enjoyable for us both. The trails are really well marked, which was helpful because with all of the leave down, its a bit harder to follow the path. 

Stone walls zig zagged all around the woods, marking old property lines.   It's hard to visualize what it must have looked like with few/no trees and farms instead of the trails.  Once this land was used for sheep farming.  I've been reading The World Without Us, which describes how nature would return to its natural state if we were to disappear.  I definitely saw evidence of that while exploring these trails.

After following the white trail, we came up the the green trail (for the second time)  this time we took it and crossed the road to head  to the other side of the preserve.  For simplicity's sake, I followed the white trail the entire time, but there many different options I could have done to make my walk shorter/ longer.

Since I didn't feel great, it was a slow wander through the woods.  It was cold today, not many animals were out (which I was thankful for)  Marcy and I were both startled by a deer (and then I was concerned I was on hunting land ), and also saw a few blue jays , which stood out against the gray and brownness of the trail.

The website & my book both indicate that there are waterfalls here, but as with Lisha Kill Preserve, I didn't find them.  I also didn't explore any other trails other than white, so I will have to return again in hopes of finding it. 

The park is free, open from dusk to dawn, and super easy to get to from Altamont.  With my parents now having a home in Altamont and my aunt & uncle there as well, I am looking forward to inviting them along to this preserve. 

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  1. I didn't even know that this place existed. I love finding places that are a short drive so that I can take Brody out for quick walk. Thanks for sharing