Friday, November 28, 2014

While 2014 isn't over yet, it has been an incredible year. 

1. Travel.  I rang in the new years in Costa Rica, traveled to Florida, London, Alaska, Finger Lakes,  NYC, and a lot of the Adirondacks. I know that I travel more than average and appreciate the opportunities I've had to explore. 

2.  I grateful for my good health. I certainly don't take it for granted.  I very rarely need to take time off from work because I'm sick, I am not battling any life threatening illnesses, and my body is very capable of doing some amazing things.  This may not always be the case, but 2014 was a great year for me health wise

3. This year was the year of hiking.  I surprised and impressed myself with what I was able to accomplish up in the Adirondacks.  While I am certainly not the first person to hike the 46 peaks, it was a dream goal, I never thought I would actually accomplish.

I am incredibly thankful that I took the leap to adopt Marcy. The process included a lot of hoops. First I had to move out of my favorite little center square apartment & find something that would allow dogs. I also had to have her be approved by my landlord since technically Shepards were on the "banned" list.  Marcy wasn't cheap, between her pet deposit, adoption fee, inital pup costs and heartworm treatment but I can safely say she was worth every penny.

Marcy entertains me to no end and I unable to truly describe how lucky I am for the friends I keep.  While I was hiking the long hauls in the ADK I had many friends stop in and take care of her.  My best friends Mom, Amy, my mom house sat for me despite being allergic to my dog and afraid of her, my coworker Amy, Jen house sat, Karen dog sat, and Julie.  Julie has been the best dog auntie imaginable, taking Marcy for the weekend, weeks, when ever I ask she find a way to make it work so that Marcy doesn't need to be boarded.  Her & her husbands kindness are not lost on me, it would be housebound or broke if it weren't for them.

I had always sworn against owning a house on my own.  I had no interest in all the work but then I saw my house.  And I loved it, and I was willing to make it work.  ( I also blame Marcy for the whole owning a house thing)  I am thankful that it worked out and has so far proved to be a wise investment.

My new neighborhood is lovely. When I first moved in, my neighbors across the street brought over cookies, and some down the street brought a plate of lasanga.  I don't see my neighbors much now since it's cold, but my next door neighbors leaf blew my front yard for me while they did theirs.  Yesterday I came home from the Turkey Trot to find that someone had taken care of the reamianing snow that I hadn't yet shoveled. I am the kid on the block, but appreciate their kindness and hope to find a way to pay it back.

This year my family grew slightly larger with the addition of my nephew Theo.  In a family dominated my women, it'll be fun to watch this little guy grow up.  Aside from that awesomeness, my family as a whole has a lot to be thankful 

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