Monday, November 3, 2014

Lessons from Marcy: Night Running

If you haven't met Marcy before (or if you don't follow me on instagram or twitter)  you may not know that I have a dog that doesn't tire.


Prior to heartworm treatment,  Marcy and I were walking roughly 3 miles a day.  She would drag me around and I sort of hated it.  Now that she walks (better) on the leash, we've started to run.
I know how hard it is for me to get back into running after spending my summer/fall hiking so I am assuming it is similar for dogs (although I've done no research) therefore, I limit how much Marcy can run with me.  

Last week Marcy came on two training runs with me for a total of 6 miles.  

On Wednesday, I didn't want to run. It was wet, dark, and cold.  I had decided I would go to the gym later in the evening and run my 4 miles on the treadmill.  But once I was home, Marcy was all over me, so rather than heading to the gym, I put on my bright reflective clothing and decided that it was a two birds, one stone kind of evening.

Marcy and I have only run together a few other times always during daylight, so this run, while short had a few take-aways.
Lesson 1: The south side of Western Ave is not sidewalk-ed.
Because I was running at night I had the brilliant idea to run along western ave because of the sidewalks, and mostly lit walkways.  Wanting to face traffic, we crossed the road, only to discover that there were no sidewalks.  Not wanting to run on the shoulder at night in the dark with Marcy, I ducked into a neighborhood and decided to run in there instead.

Lesson 2:  There are some really incredible homes in the neighborhood across the way   
I can't wait to see what they do with for Christmas. While this neighborhood is far larger than mine, it seemed far less busy and we didn't have to deal with cars whipping around the corners.

Lesson 3: There are two types of drivers
Those that don't care that you're running with your dog on the side of the road and fly by going 50 miles an hour; and those that come to a complete stop waiting for you to pass ( also probably can't figure out what I am since I have a reflective vest and leash.)

Lesson 4: Marcy can see/smell/hear things I can't.  
While this is an obvious one,  it still surprised me when Marcy began pulling into someones yard.  I stopped to look and didn't hear or see anything.  Had a car not passed by, I wouldn't have seen the reflective eyes of a deer staring back at us roughly 15 feet away.  

Lesson 5:  Marcy and I have the same post run rituals.  
Eating and immediately sleeping. 

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  1. My dog gets so excited for runs. He has the same energy problem so this time of year when I run less outside I take him to doggy daycare to help tire him out. He loves it, and he is usually tired for the next day or two which is a bonus.