Sunday, November 30, 2014

Karner Barrens East

It seems that Marcy and I have found ourselves a new Sunday routine, which includes getting off the pavement and onto some trails.  This week I decided I wanted to explore more of the Pine Bush. I had been avoiding the Karner Barrens Trails mostly because I thought they might be very busy.  Marcy can be a bit of a jerk when approached by stranger dogs and I wanted to enjoy our walk, not be stressed out about encounters.  

There seemed to be a handful of cars in the lot, but I didn't see anyone coming / going in the parking lot.  There were also a bunch of cars that must have been there since last wednesday, based on the amount of snow on them. 

There were a few people that had signed in throughout the day, but the last one signed in already indicated that they had left.  I was relieved sine they had also signed in their dog.  I set out to follow the East trail, which started as Blue.  There is an option to turn left and follow blue or remain on the permiter trail that is yellow, wanting to tire Marcy out a bit, I chose the yellow.  The white trail also branches off of this trail, and head to the West portion on the otherside of RT 155.  That trail will likely be our next excursion.

The trail was wide and flat.  I think it would make for some great running, snowshoeing, and xc skiing.  What I didn't love was how loud it was from the NYS Thruway.  It could because it is the sunday after a holiday and that the leaves are down, but it felt busy.  Headphones would cure that, and lesson learned from today.

At one point, I met up with two folks xc skiing,  I think they were a bit ambitious since there wasn't a whole lot of snow left, but I suppose there was enough to slush along.  I didn't wear snowshoes, but wish I had worn higher socks with my hiking boots, a few times snow found its way in, and it wasn't awesome.  I'm excited that this trail is so close to my house &  Marcy certainly approved, her tail was wagging the entire time (except when she saw the skiiers, she was unsure what to make of them) and promptly passed out once we arrived home.  

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