Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Flight Trampoline Park

Last week I tried something new.  I went to Flight Trampoline Park with my school's middle schoolers.  The last time I was on a trampoline was probably 2006 in which I slept on one.  

We got there around 3:30 and the place was nearly empty.  After we all signed waivers, I headed to the bathroom to change into non-teaching clothes.  I also managed to throw my brand new samsung alpha into the toilet. (It still works, but that is a story for another day) After I caught up with everyone on the floor.  

Our teaching staff there to supervise bounced around.  I found that the square trampolines bounce much higher than the rectangle ones.  Aside from just the trampolines, there is a large platform that you can jump off into an air pillow.  I didn't jump off of it, only because I could imagine myself getting stuck trying to get back out.

I sort of wished I was a small child, because I wanted to play in the foam pit, which reminded me of the ymca I worked at in San Diego.  But that section is meant for little ones so I stayed out.

I did play one game of dodgeball with some students in which I tried to bounce high in the air to avoid getting hit, only to fail miserably.  Then I worked on my cheerleading jumps.  I forced a coworker to try to get a picture of it.

Near the end of our time, someone finally showed me how to start doing forward flips.  I spent a few minutes trying, but most of mine were very lopsided.  I enjoyed playing around and would definitely return.  Unlike rock climbing I could come here on my own and bounce around. I think I would look like a total creeper, but it could be done.  According to the website, there is a fitness class done here, which might be next on my list of things to try out. 


  1. I had no idea a place like this existed. That is so cool!

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