Monday, October 27, 2014

Seneca Lake Wine Tour

I have lived in 3 states and have traveled to many, and I believe that New York has more to offer than most states.  This past weekend, for the first time,  I traveled to Seneca Lake to visit 6 different vineyards / wineries.  I had left Albany on Friday afternoon and visited at my college roommate & her family in Syracuse.  Later that evening I drove down to Homer & slept at a friend's parents house.  Fairly early, we got started and were picked up by Jeff from Big D's limo. Our limo bus was great with plenty of room to hang out as we made our way to Seneca Lake.  Our first stop was Leidenfrost Vineyards.  I am a beer drinker, and really have no clue about wine.  I can only tell you if I like the taste, but can't explain why I may like something.  

We were allowed to try any 6 wines so  I did my best to try both reds & whites and ended up enjoying their Burlesque enough to leave with a bottle. 

Next we went around the corner to Newt Red Cellar.  Here we were also able to pick our own wines and again I tried to keep it level towards both reds & whites.  While I tend to gravitate towards reds, I did find that I liked their Riesling and left with a bottle for prosperity.

Our fearless leader was able to keep us on schedule, so we made our way next to Chateau LaFayette Reneau.  Here we were given either a semi dri-sweet or dry option flight.  A friend and I thought we would be cleaver and each order one as to share, but I found that one sip of the different wines wasn't quite enough to decide if I enjoyed them or not.  At the end, I didn't love any of the ones I had tried enough to pick one up for keeps.

Rather than getting on the bus to travel next door, we marched up the hill to Atwater Estate Vineyards.  Again we were given two choices of flights to choose.   Since I mostly drank the semi-dry to sweet wines at the previous stop, I decided to go for dry.  I enjoyed them, but the kicker was the mulled wine.  Their mulled wine was very tasty and I am determined to make that happen again in my home so I bought my very own kit.  

Here there was a taco food truck that we all decided we'd rather eat than the sandwiches we had packed.  We didn't have loads of time because our next stop was just a bit further away than the past few

Next up was Lamoreaux Landing  it was busy in there, but since we had a reservation we went straight to our bar and lined up.  Since we had time before our next reservation, we were able to choose our own wines.  This was a nice change after being on two pre planned flights for the other places.  Our guy was super knowledgeable and had me compare to similar wines - one from stainless steel and one from oak.  I was surprised how different the two tasted. (especially after all the wines we had already tasted....)  I didn't love any of them though, so I didn't take any home this time around.

Our final stop was Hazlitt 1852.  This is is the only NY wine that I know by name, so I was excited that we were going to stop here.  It's a large place and was very busy.  I grabbed a wine slushy as we waited to be brought to our bar.  Once in we were  given popcorn and our choice of A or B but we were allowed to rotate whenever.  There definitely seemed to be more of a party atompshere in here, but again, it could have been a result of visiting 5 other winery/vineyards.  They gave us a chip worth 3 dollars towards anything over 5 in the store.  Naturally it seemed necessary to buy a bottle of Bramble Berry - which is delicious, but will likely be saved until summer.  

We managed to still be on schedule after all 6 stops so we piled back into the limo bus for the ride back to Cortland. The pole was put to good use by a few people and the drive back seemed quick. 

It was a great trip, I was lucky to be with a great group of people.  Our planner did a great job ensuring that it all moved along easily and it was fun.  With so many lakes and places to stop at, I would definitely do another wine tour.

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  1. What an awesome day! I absolutely love wine, and as much as I think I know, I've realized that it's really a complicated process. I am definitely partial to reds, though. I had no idea NY was filled with so many wineries, too!