Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hurricane Mountain

When I decided to get a dog,  I spent a lot of time looking for one that would be fit enough to join me on the trails.  When I found Marcy, I knew she'd be perfect (I even named her after our largest mountain)  unfortunately, heart-worm treatment kept her from being active for the summer, so I knew I couldn't take her along for the long hauls of high peaks that I had left this fall.  With the eye on the prize, poor Marcy spent the month of September being cared for by my amazing friends.  Thankfully I had friends that were willing to stop by for the day, some to spend the night, and others to take her into their home. But after 5 weeks of dog training under our belt and a short hike planned for the weekend, it seemed like it was finally time to bring Marcy to the Adirondacks.

Initially I thought I would get started on the Saranac 6, but when Jen said she'd be hiking Hurricane Mountain,  I quickly switched my plans to join. I didn't leave Albany until 9:15, which was great since I had spent the day before with a nasty cold, and met Barry at the parking lot at about 11:15.  A few minutes Jen & Brendan joined us, we readjusted and made our way to the trail.

Marcy was determined to lead the pack and demanded we be up front, which is my least favorite spot to be when hiking in a group.   The first .5 is steep, before leveling off and meandering through the woods.  The trail has been re-routed, and is gorgeous right now.  Compared to so many of my very wet hikes, this trail seemed very very dry. Marcy added a bit of excitement when she stuck her face in an active beehive.  Thankfully we moved away quickly enough that she was only stung once and I made it clear without any.  

There were a handful of other people on the summit, but plenty of space to enjoy the awesome views. With Hurricane Mountain being just east of the high peaks area, the views are spectacular.  We enjoyed some snacks and relaxed for before deciding to make our way down.  Marcy showed off her leash reactive-ness towards some dogs on the summit (and another later that was off leash and approached)  which made me glad we were leaving.  Marcy dragged me down the mountain until I switched her collar to her training collar, which seemed to help dramatically.  

Marcy loved the trail, enjoyed playing in a stream, and slept like a champion during the car ride home  She still needs to work on her manners towards other dogs when on the leash, and walking with me, rather than pulling, but her endurance is strong, and I can see a very fun life together on the trails.

After an early dinner at the Baxter Mountain Tavern, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Albany. 

A great hike with a amazing views, I can see myself repeating this one several times.


Hurricane Mountain at 3,678

Gear used:
LLBean Stowaway Day Pack, EMS pants, tank, flannel, vest (all worn at various times)  Asolo's, smart wool, hydroflask 40z, 32oz, 12oz & thermos.

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  1. My Brody loves hiking as well. He is pretty good off leash, and knows to come and get leashed up when we come across other dogs. The training collar (ours is a pinch) works wonders. We still use it for farmers markets and other bigger events. When we pull it out he gets all excited and jumpy because he knows that it means we are going somewhere good. The same thing goes for his back pack. Now if only he would stay in the back seat during car rides.