Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to School Goals

Its no secret that the new school year has arrived.  I just subscribed to fios and have seen more than my fair share of back to school commercials.   I loved my summer and could live in summer indefinitely, but I am looking forward to having more of a routine again.  I don't and won't talk much about my work on the blog but I have been thinking about some of my goals for the 2014-2015 school year.

Work Goals:
  • Dress professionally -  I have a habit of choosing comfort over professional, and now that it's my 3rd year at this school, I think it's time to wear shoes that aren't my toms or sanuks. 
  • In the words of Elsa - Let it Go -  I tend to over correct, the children will get where they need to be, I need to step back.
  • Become more involved in the school community.  
  • Have Fun!  I'm lucky enough to work with small children, they are excited to learn and generally hilarious.
None of my goals are too extreme, but a nice reminder as I meet the kiddos for our first day of phase in tomorrow.  To all the other teachers out there,  happy new school year!  

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