Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ADK 46: Seymour Mountain

After a very indulgent meal at Noonmark Diner, I continued driving up north to a small cabin/room I rented between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. I knew the room wouldn't be much, but I knew where it was located and the rates were the most reasonable I could find. Normally I would hang out at Tmax and Topo's hostel, but they had a special event.

Check in was easy, and they turned on the heat for me; I quickly went to work at trying to dry out all of my gear. After walking in the rain all day, I had no desire to shower, so instead I curled up and went to bed.

I had big plans for being up on the trail head by 6:30, but ultimately snooze own and I finally arrived back at the Seward trailhead parking lot and on the trail at 7:45. Since I had just been on this trail a few weeks ago, it was smooth sailing. I started out wearing sneakers instead of my wet boots which was a winning move.

At 10:15 I found the cairn for Seymour and began my ascent. The herd path follows a stream heading up, nothing terribly technical, but definitely wet. I'm not sure if the trail is always so wet or if it was just a result of the previous day of rain.

There were not nearly as many cairns as I had seen on Marshall, so I second guessed myself the entire time I was climbing.  Other people had taken the same route I had, by evidence of pole marks & mud prints so I was never too far off a common path. After one big scramble I didn't think I could get any higher and figured I should find the summit at any moment.  

I ran into a man & his son heading down and chatted for a few minutes, prying for hints as to how far the summit was without asking. They didn't take the bait, so I was left to just wait and see.

When I found the overlook I thought that I had found the summit, but I had remembered reading that it would be south west so I kept following the ridge just in case sure enough a few minutes down the path was the true summit for Seymour Mountain.

It was still overcast but I was hopeful that the clouds would blow through so I took my sweet time eatng lunch and looking through my high peaks guide book.  It really is hard to believe that this journey is nearly done.  After waiting 25 minutes or so I gave up and decided I wanted to get back to Albany at a reasonable hour so I packed up my bag and began the climb down.  

There were a handful of other people on their way up, I spoke with two sisters ( i assume)  for a few minutes shortly after I had my biggest fall on the mountains in the past two years.  Thankfully I landed on my side where I have plenty of cushionng on my legs and somehow I had remembered to 
tuck in my arms and not try to catch myself.  I warned them of the log that I had slippd off (both on the way up and back- I clearly didn't learn)  before moving along.   

Before I knew it, I was back on the truck trail heading towards my car.  I stopped at the Ward Brook Lean-To and put my sneakers back on, while my feet have been feeling better in my boots, there was no need to torture myself.

I jogged/walked my way out of the woods just around 4pm where I scrambled to get ack in the car to see if my favorite sandwich shop in Lake Placid was open.   Unfotunateky I missed it, but was able to get on the road and be back to the house with plenty of time to play with my pup before bed.  

The day was very mentally challenging for me, I knew I was capable, but two days in a row was tiring. My mood most certainly changed once I reached the summit, but the better half of the day was a mental battle to keep moving forward. I'm glad I powered through, I am still on track to finish on 9/28 on Big Slide Mountain.

Seymour mountain (ranked 34 at 4120)

14ish miles- marked trail / herd path

8ish hours


Gear used
Further backpack, hydro flask water bottle, champion fleece lined tights, a solo boots, skora, Patagonia fleece.

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