Monday, September 15, 2014

ADK 46: Mount Marshall

My life currently revolves around hiking.  In the past month I have gone up to the Adirondacks four times and have hiked nine mountains.  This past weekend was my first back to back day hikes I've done since high school. I had two stand alone (for me) peaks that needed to be climbed and in order to finish by my goal date (9/28) a big weekend was required.  I drove to the Upper Works parking lot/tralhead and met up with a woman from the Aspiring Adirondack 46er facebook page.  It's a small world as we realized she knew two people from my work.

It was nice to have the company as we made our way. Parts of the trail felt that I had been on before only because I've skimmed so many trip report for Marshall, Cliff & Redfield. I had absolutely no concept of time all day and really only gauge our progress based on if it felt long or short.

It seemed like we arrived at the Henderson memorial quite quickly and to the Flowed Lands immediately afterwards.  (upon leaving it seemed much further away from one another and the car.)

The weather was gray, but we kept plugging away.  The forecast said rain likely in the afternoon and we were both hopeful that we would be well on our way out before it started.  

We weren't.  

The rain started as we made our ascent up the stream.  The herd path was incredibly easy to follow since many cairns have been built.  We ran into one man heading down the mountain about midway up - chatted very briefly, but I am honestly not sure where he said he was coming from.  I'm not as familiar with this part of the park, but my assumption is that he must have been descending Marshall, but really, who knows.

We kept thinking that the summit had to be close and well, it wasn't.  I hadn't read up on this trail too much, so I was surprised at how much hiking was left after we were no longer on the stream bed.  But then eventually the never ending trail did have one big ole rock with a tree on it that marked it as the highest point of the peak.  

We had the summit to ourselves for a few minutes before a large group of Canadians arrived.  We took photos for them, they took ours and then they headed to a more protected area (far smarter than us)  to enjoy their lunch.  The wind had started to pick up and the rain drops were coming down larger and more frequently, so we packed up our food and decided it was time to head back down. 

I took one final picture at the junction that lead us back to the stream bed, (note the way NOT to go)  before it was too wet to play with my phone anymore.  We were soaked. The trail from the Flowed Lands to Upper Works became a small river.  Maybe  I was just in denial about how wet the trail was coming in ( It wasn't wet at all)  but it was very much under water for our hike out.  I am still convinced I would have been more dry if I had been hiking in shorts & a tank since not only was my skin soaked but I was lugging around waterlogged clothes all afternoon.

Despite the less than ideal weather, the hike was nice and I was surprised at how well I felt after the 14 mile hike.  I have finally bought new insoles for my boots - which seemed to solve all of my achy foot pain.

It's hard to believe that this peak brought me to my 42nd peak climbed. !

My new friend and I said our good-byes and I quickly made my way to Noonmark diner before driving towards Saranac to my hotel for the evening.  As if hiking 14 miles in the rain wasn't enough - I had plans to hike a second 14 mile mountain ( Seymour ) the Sunday Morning.

Mount Marshall ( Ranked 25th at 4360)

14ish miles - trail to Marshall / herd path to summit

11ish hours 

42/46 complete!

Gear used:
Dueter Backpack, hydroflask waterbottles (40oz, & 32 oz), Asolo boots,, ems pants, old navy long sleeve, north face rain coat 


  1. What type of insoles did you purchase? I enjoy hiking but after mile 6 my feet start to ache! I have a newer pair of Scarpa Hiking boots (they weigh less than my old Asolo's...)

    1. sorry for such a delayed response, just saw this -- I just buy dr scholls - they work great for me!