Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adventures in Alaska: Day Three: Anchorage

While traveling with my parents is great, by the third day, I was already itching to go for a run and have some alone time.  I live with my dog and spend the majority of my down-time alone, it's a bit of an adjustment to be with my parents 24/7 again.  My folks headed out for a trolley tour of Anchorage and I went back to the trail to run.  I went out 1.5 miles and stopped at a park to do a Nike Training Club workout.  I looked ridiculous doing burpees and squats, but at least there was a fitness "playground"  that made me just seem hardcore.  ( two different men came to work out there too, which has been noted for me to find places in Albany to workout in parks...)

After my workout, I hustled at the hotel to get showered and changed to meet my parents to take the shuttle to the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  It was about a 20 minute ride and allowed us to see the rest of Anchorage, that isn't designed for tourist.  The center was interesting with first person accounts, artifacts, present day natives, and model homes for the states different native people.

puppy sled dogs!!

We took our time walking around the different displays and enjoying the beautiful weather.  After we had made our rounds we hopped back on the shuttle to then visit the Anchorage Museaum.  It is a beautiful museaum that had a wide variety of exhibits. The favorite among my family was the historical exhibit on the 1964 earthquake ( second large earthquake ever recorded) and the exhibit on the pipeline.  A great place to learn a bit more about Alaska.

I decided that I was going to stay up to watch the sunset- which was at 10:41pm.  Between the time difference and the busy days, I have been sleeping by then most evenings.  But, since it was our last night in Anchorage, I wanted to see the sunset over the Cook Inlet before left.  So at 10:30 I headed down the street to Elderberry Park to watch the sunset over the mountains. 

It was beautiful.  There were many other people with the same idea, and we were not disappointed. A nice way to end the evening, and mark the next part of the trip.

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