Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adventures in Alaska: Day Four: Talkeetna

Anchorage has a ton to offer and I feel bad for all those folks who blow through it while on these cruise tours. Thankfully my family extended our trip so that we could get a chance to see Alaska's largest city. Come Wednesday, it was time for us to check out another part of Alaska. We got on board out first of many buses and headed towards the McKinley Princess Lodge, which is 50 miles outside of Talkeetna, AK. 

We were graced with a beautiful day and were able to see Denali/Mt McKinley for a
good portion of our trip. We were reminded frequently that it is not that common to be able to see the entire Alaska range and the great weather was not wasted on us.  I loved being able to see this magnificent range.

Our ride was smooth and we found ourselves at our lodge, which reminded me of a cross between summer camp and freshman orientation, early afternoon. We didn't have loads of time though until our first excursion. 

Quickly we found ourselves back on the same road, heading back south, towards Talkeenta. Our driver managed to talk to himself for the entire hour long drive, he was so desperate for content that he began to describe the characteristics of a beaver. I damn near almost lost my mind. 

Thankfully we all arrived to Talkeenta and met our Jetboat.


We spent the next two hours zipping around the glacier river & admiring the view of the Alaska range. The your was great, explaining different parts about the ecosystem. 
I don't think I could ever tire of staring at the Alaska Range
photog Dad
Debating if I could sod roof anything at my house...
our guide packing heat.
Denali !

After our tour we walked the main drag in Talkeetna with a stop at the Denali Brewing Company. Which had tasty food and even taster beer. 

After dinner we took the long shuttle back to the lodge. The weather was a still very comfortable, so we opted to have drinks on the deck which faced Denali. While it would have been an amazing sunset, none of us stayed up/out late enough to enjoy it. 
Alaskan Raspberry Wheat & Denai. Life. Is. Good.

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