Thursday, July 31, 2014

Adventures in Alaska: Day Five: Talkeenta & Denali

When I woke up on Thursday I was so thankful that we had sat out and enjoyed staring at Denali the evening before. Clouds had come in and the range was no longer visable. Our bags were packed (and left in the hallway) and my Dad and I left for our first excursion of the day, atv-ing.

A handful of other people joined is for this adventure, including a family from guilderland (which will very soon be my new town). I was super nervous about atving, I had never driven one before and only once ridden on the back of one.
After a very brief introduction, they trusted dad and I to venture out into the woods.  The first part of the trail was rough, lots of roots, mud, & hills. But after that, either it was easier or simply felt easier. Our guide was very interesting, pulling different berries to try ( watermelon berry is my new favorite) and leading is around the trails.

By the end, I was feeling quite confident and can see myself going again. We had to haul back up to the lodge to meet the bus & then travel back to Talkeetna to catch our train on time. There has been a bit of a glitch with the excursion vender and we definitely cut it close.

But Princess cruise line made it work and we were on the Alaskan railroad heading to Denali National Park. 

We spent a good portion of our afternoon on the train enjoying the bubble top views. Train travel is always nice, but even more so with so much to see.

Once we arrived at our hotel in Denali, Dad and I grabbed a quick dinner before heading off to our second excursion. This time we were taking a scenic river raft down the Nenana River. This is classified as a 1 & 2 rapid ride. In my opinion it was more lazy river than white water. The amazing views made it a fun way to explore the eastern boundary of Denali National Park.

Our ride ended just in time for the rain to begin. After two excursions and a day of travel, I was A OK with that. I grabbed a beer from the lodge and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. 

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