Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventures in Alaska: Day Eight: At Sea / Hubbard Glacier

Along our travels, met some people that didn't love the cruise as much as the land portion. I think they are entirely different so it's too hard to compare and enjoy both. 

The first day was a bit of a challenge since the sea was rough and I didn't feel great. After breakfast I went back to sleep for a few hours before waking up and feeling ready to handle the rocky-ness of the ship. 

I managed to do a nike training club workout, 15 minutes of yoga, and 3 miles of run walking. (It was too hard to run nonstop with the ship movements) 

The rest of the day was spent by reading and wandering the ship  Mid-afternoon I started seeing icebergs in the water and a bit later, we came up to Hubbard Glacier.

While I had read the itinerary, I clearly hadn't understood by what it mean for "scenic cruising" I just though that was a fancy name for a day at sea.

We stopped at a one other glacier that night, but the next day would be our day into Glacier Bay National Park.

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