Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventures in Alaska: Day Two, Anchorage

Sunday was such a long day, that I was adamant that we fly by the seat of our pants on Monday. After breakfast we chatted with the princess cruise rep, who gave us a few suggestions of what to do for the day, Dad and I decided to rent bikes and explore the other direction of the path we had walked on Sunday. After a quick stop at the extremely fancy Pablo's Bike Rentals, we were off.

The trail is a total of 11 miles (one way) mostly hugging the coast. There were quite a bit of other people out enjoying the day despite it being overcast & cooler than the day before.

We were slightly determined to get to Kincaid park, where we heard we might see moose, so we peddled on without many breaks. We did stop at
earthquake park, mostly because it was conviently located at the top of a big climb.
In 1964 a very large earthquake cause the ground to completely shift and break, they never rebuilt that area and it has turned into a beautiful green space. 

We kept going and came to the Ted Stevens airports with lots of planes landing directly over us.

When we reached the 7 mile marker, it occurred to us that we would have to travel the 7 miles back to the hotel. Since we hadn't planned on biking, we were a bit ill prepared without water or snacks, so decided that despite not seeing a moose, we should turn back.

We turned back and were cruising, after another big climb, we found ourselves directly under the flight path of the planes and decided to hang out and watch them  land. 

It was a bit intimidating at times watching these gigantic machines barreling towards us.

After more photos than probably necessary, we continued on our journey back to the hotel. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Anchorage, checking out the tourist loot. Which was all that was to offer, without a car, it's hard to know but guess is that there is a local's downtown somewhere else. 

The rain had started so I made my way back to the hotel & not wanting to venture out on the rain we dined in the
Hotel at Fletcher's. My gnocchi was tasty but my dessert was fabulous. 

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