Monday, June 23, 2014

Things I am loving.

It's summer and my free time has multiplied (until next week when I start working at summer camp) I've been taking advantage of my flexible schedule and free time to the maxim. Here is a brief idea of how I keep busy most days.

I almost never ever ever pay for apps, this one I took a the chance.  It also has nearly 500 reviews and 5 stars.  There are a variety of classes based on time, focus, and skill level.  Her voice is calm and smooth with some relaxing music in the background.  I enjoy it so much that I typically do one class a day.  For someone who has struggled to go to one class a week for the past few years, I am totally in love with this app.  Check it out, you may not love it like I do, but I can guarantee you won't hate it.

This entire year I struggled to maintain good habits and routines.  I've had a fitbit for over a year and half but have just started to truly utilize it.  The fitbit itself tracks how many steps I take, which includes stairs & miles.  It has my weight in its little brain so it can also calculate calories. Overall a fun toy.  Since school has let out, I've been tracking my water intake (something I know I was struggling with all year) as well as my caloric intake.  Keeping track of what I'm eating forces me to make better choices. Overall this little toy provides me immediate feedback to how many calories I have left depending on how active I am.  It may not be perfect, but I enjoy it.  On the rare nights that I do remember I also will turn it on to track my sleep. 

I've been in a slump with duolingo but I'm hoping to tackle more of my Spanish lessons throughout this summer.  I had been rocking a 100+ day streak and the night I adopted Marcy I forgot to do a lesson, since then I've been forgetting more often.  But I still love this app and it has definitely helped me improve reading & writing in Spanish.

I figured out last year how to rent books from my public library.  I am absolutely in love with this option.  As a general rule, I don't buy many books.  I try to avoid collecting too much stuff in my little apartments so I borrow.  ( I do have a weakness for book fairs - I also re-donate them when I am done, unless they were life changing reads)  Anyhow,  the upper Hudson library system seems to improve each month.  There are more options of popular titles and shorter wait times. My kindle makes it a bit of a pain to transfer since it won't do wifi downloads (even though it can...)  but it's still easy enough.  I'm stocked up on interesting reads to keep me busy over the next few months.

5. Marcy

Adopting Marcy was by far the best choice I've made all year.  It's been a bit stressful as we work our way through first the cost of the heart worm treatment (nearing 800 dollars already) and also keeping an active dog calm for 4-6 weeks.  We've made it through week one so only a few more to go.  Her personality shines through each day and I am so thankful I took the chance on the dog that had busted out of the dog park and was running free.  She is the right fit for me and I am so excited for when the treatment is over and we can begin our real life. 


  1. Marcy is such a cutie! I hate to hear about her undergoing heart worm treatment. I can imagine the struggle you are having keeping her calm.

  2. She's adorable. We have a high energy dog that we take to day care on weeks where we wont be hiking or anything because he is way too much to handle without the energy release. I love Shawna's dogs in glenmont, they do boarding now too. Just a thought! PS. I just foudn you today and I'm stoked to start following you. I need more locally hikes!