Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lisha Kill Preserve

After being so pleasantly surprised how nice Plotters Kill Preserve was last month, I've made more of an effort to see the local parks, preserves, nature trails, sanctuary and the like.  I wanted to go for a trail run, but didn't want to drive to a new place to find that the trail was not meant for running. Instead I put on my sneakers and planned on a nice walk.  The weather was questionable so ultimately I decided to check out the Lisha Kill Preserve because my book classified it under the category of Best Hikes for Waterfalls.

At first I was a bit hesitant since it is a Schenectady County Park and I didn't want to spend my whole day driving around. (Schenectady isn't always convenient for me to access from home) After plugging in the coordinates in my gps (N42 47. 770' / W73 51.588') I found that it actually wasn't far.

After a fairly quick drive ( the park is about 3.5 miles northwest of the Albany airport) I found the lonely parking lot.  I was the only car there and only person to sign in for the day.  I sent a quick text to a friend just in case...

I headed straight in on the red trail, the trail has lots of roots and rocks, but could be managed while running.  I had failed to see the above map before hand and was relying off the one in my little book which is similar, but lacks colors and therefore more challenging for someone like me to understand.  ( good luck to those kiddos i'm teaching orienteering to next week...)

What's neat about the preserve is that these trees are old growth.  I followed the red trail in, to the far perimeter and ended along the kill ( which is a Dutch term -kille- for waterway)  because my book promised waterfalls, I was looking for it, but I did not find any.  I ended up sitting a long the water for a while enjoying the peace.

what my feet see...

a very slow moving snake with a suspicious bulge.

At one point, I surprisingly got very turned around.  My choice was to follow the trail to the parking area, or go to Paul's Trail ( blue trail).  I opted to go onto Paul's trail but was confused how I could be so close to the parking lot.  As it turns out,  I wasn't its just where the red trail bend back towards itself.  Had I seen the map before hand, I don't think I would have been so confused, but since I hadn't taken any side trails I wasn't worried about turning it around.  

Overall the trail was very nice, it would be a challenging trail run, but not significantly different from something like Peebles.   Including hanging by the water I was in the park for about an hour.

It's free to enter and worth signing in because I bet it helps with funding.  I look forward to returning soon to go for a run.


  1. That's cool! I love finding new places to run, especially when they're scenic like that. I would have been completely turned around too :P

  2. It looks and sounds like a nice place to go but that is a bit disappointing that you didn't find any waterfalls. That's a great picture of the little bird house nestled in the tree.

  3. I was there pretty recently after that week with the heavy rain and didn't see any waterfalls either. Somehow I got turned around as well for a minute or so on the blue trail, but since it's a small park it wasn't so bad.
    Nice snake sighting though!!