Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plotter Kill Preserve

A few years ago, someone gave me this book for my birthday.  Every so often I remember that I have it and I give it a look.  It's a handy one.  There are 18 different parks listed,  of which I've only visited half. 

 I was very intent on taking Marcy hiking on Monday, while I had big plans for us,  I was more realistic and took her to Plotter Kill Preserve.  The park is in Schenectady County and super easy to find.  The parking lot is big and was packed.  Since I got there around 1:30 plenty of people were coming & going and I didn't have to park on the street.

 I had tried to follow the trail mentioned in the book, but ultimately just took off.  We followed the red trail to the first waterfall.  I wanted to get closer, but Marcy was not into that idea.  

We stayed on the red trail, cutting down to the creek a few times so that Marcy could get water & to play. Marcy LOVES to splash around,  I can't wait for the day that I can trust Marcy off leash so that she can run free in the water.  (any dog owners that have figured out this training, let me know!) 

We crossed the top of another waterfall,  (again Marcy wouldn't allow for me to get too close to get any good pictures) and continued to follow the red trail, which I discovered is also called the Rim Trail.  It started to veer away from the stream so we cut down back to the water.  My hope was to follow the stream bed back towards the car, but I was in my running sneakers and had thoroughly trashed them enough so I decided to head back onto a real trail.  I didn't want to backtrack so Marcy and I went straight up a hill.  

I'm not normally one to bushwack through the unknown, but I had a good sense that the red trail would appear once we got to the top of the hill, and sure enough it did.

We meandered our way back to where we started and ultimately covered about 3 miles. Marcy did really well, we are still working on the leash (and deciding whose Alpha -- which is giving me an outlet for my stubborn side)  and I definitely see some quality hiking in her future once we start & complete her heartworm treatment.

Overall I was very pleased with this park and am looking forward to going again (maybe even sans Marcy so I can get closer to some of the falls)  It's a quick drive from Cohoes but feels like a million miles.  Definitely worth it while the waterfalls and streams are still flowing, I can imagine in August it is much dryer.

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  1. Which path did you take to the base of the falls? Was there yesterday with my wife and kid and did not want to chance it.