Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life Recently

Marcy and I have been our own little family for almost 2 weeks.  Time seriously flies. I keep thinking it's our first week and then I realize how much we've already grown in the two weeks since she came home.

Marcy still needs work on the leash, but has been doing much better (even though I've been wildly inconsistent with training, banking on our future obedience classes.) Marcy continues to be awesome at house training with one accident and in general an awesome dog.  I've seen those "who rescued who"  stickers and I have to agree.  In our short time changes have already happened.

I no longer hit snooze.  This is almost true, everyday I hope to hit snooze and Marcy starts to pace.  Since I'd rather get up than clean, we stumble outdoors so Marcy can relieve herself with some dignity.

I walk 15-20 minutes each morning, do my dishes before leaving my apartment, and drink my morning coffee at home.

I am early/on-time to work everyday.  (before I was always racing the clock)

I've been listening to my dutch audio lessons during Marcy & my afternoon walks 

I notice how much broken glass is all over Cohoes and the Hudson Mohawk pathway.  I honestly never seen so much broken glass before.

I've also notice how many bad dog owners there are that don't clean up after their dogs.

Marcy only notices squirrels.

I finally bought a vacuum,  I will admit I've been living alone for nearly 2 years sans vacuum, having a dog that sheds has forced me to be more diligent about cleaning since I really hate all the dog hair Marcy leaves around.

Marcy and I also walk between an hour and an hour & a half each afternoon.  I haven't gone running recently, mostly because my goal is to wear my pup out and by the time I do,  I am also worn out.  I'm looking forward to running again now that the weather improving, but I enjoy the walks and life is good if it's not broken....


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    1. Thanks! She's a great dog I am so lucky to have found her !

  2. Aw, she's so cute!

    My dog loves squirrel too. And chipmunks, ground hogs, birds, etc. etc. :)