Monday, May 26, 2014

Small Goals

I have been lacking follow through this year. In January I listed many of the big ticket races that I wanted to run (and some that I even registered for). Six months later,  I did not run in 5 of them.  Each race has their own reason for why I didn't run, most of it comes down to lack of training. They were all also out of town races that my new found financial responsibility realized I couldn't swing.

It a small attempt to redeem myself I decided I wanted to complete a run streak beginning 30 days out before my 30th birthday.  I made it 15 days (while traveling in London for most of it),  only to abandon it when I returned.  It's frustrating to continue to fail in meeting these self set goals.

While I know that these are all excuses, it has been a busy 2014, I moved to a new neighborhood/apartment, traveled, and adopted Marcy.  Now that it seems that life has settled back into a more normal pattern I am looking a head to a more active second half of 2014.

Unfortunately for Marcy & my wallet - she has heart-worms and has been put on the bench until further notice, hopefully by August she'll be able to start running short distances & hiking with me ( if it isn't too hot of course)  The silver lining in this, is that I also have to cut our daily 3 mile walks out for now, giving my legs a rest while I get back into running shape.

I've been following a loose plan that I've had saved in my email since 2008 -  it's nothing crazy, but gives me some guidance as I get back on the road.  At this point I don't have any big goals. Only goal for the next 3 weeks is to run 3x a week until school ends. I've met this goal for the past two weeks and am getting into the groove to make it happen for the remaining 3 weeks of the school year.

Ultimately I hope that by being consistent, running will be fun again, since it has only felt like work since November. 

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