Saturday, April 5, 2014


March was a busy month. I think way more happened than I can even summerize- so photos will have to do.

 I had won 2 nights stay at killington ski resort from Long Trail brewing, I don't ski well and quite honestly had no desire to, I spent my weekend reading, relaxing, with small amount of running and a massage included. It was a good time

It was finally warm enough so I ran outside. (And by warm enough I mean the feels like temp was greater than 15. Winter was rough this year) I also ran in my new skora. It has been an interesting process wearing them. I like them- but my ankle is still weak and noticibly more sore after running in skora than my ASIC's

On a random Sunday when I suddenly found myself with nothing to do, a friend and I met in Poughkeepsie for breakfast & then walked along the Hudson walkway. It was a beautiful almost spring day

 I opted out of traveling to run Rock n Roll USA and Shamrock 1/2 and stayed local for St. Patricks weekend. I ran the running of the green & finally met some twitter/blogging people I've wanted to meet. I also went to the parade & out
In Saratoga for a friends birthday. It was a lot of activity for one weekend!

I have the good fortune of having a college friend that owns a maple syrup company in downstate NY. A bunch of us traveled to see them in operation and to hang out. I hadn't seen most of the people since 2006 but it never felt like we missed a beat.

And then I moved. It was a lot of physical labor. I am so grateful to have friends that offered in their own to stop by and take a load of stuff to my new place, friends that provided a truck and the man power to get my furniture, friends that didn't mind that after they spent all day moving me, I opted to sleep at their home because I wasn't ready to sleep in mine, and friends that come over and assemble furniture.

March was a long month. I struggled with the weather and my overall happiness, but looking back now, it was a pretty great month. 

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