Saturday, April 19, 2014

Adventures in London: Greenwich

On my last full day, I decided to travel across the city to Greenwich. While out to dinner earlier in the week I had learned that it was a world heritage site, so it seemed necessary to go to work on my bucketlist.

I reviewed the tube map and made a plan, only to find out while on the give that the line I wanted to switch to was not running. It wasn't a big deal, but did add 20+ minutes to my travels. Once I straightened that out and was trying to find the DLR I got off one to switch to a different line, only to manage to get lost in the train station for 10 minutes (train leaves from the same platform, I'm just an idiot) 
Anyhow, an hour or so later I finally arrived. I was following a crowd of people and by chance realized they were going to the Greenwich Market. Since I was starving I gorged on some vegetarian pad Thai .

I walked the stalls of the market & if I had more money I would have bought many things, but since it was my last day I didn't want to take out more pounds if it wasn't necessary. 

After I had my fill of the market I headed down to the dock. The Cutty Sark is "docked" here and open for a fee, it was neat to look at but ships with lots of people would have maxed out my crowd tolerance early so I headed up to the maritime museum.

The museum was near, with old artifacts ( and replicas from English ships) though
I didn't see anything from the Titanic. It is a beautiful building and free, so definitely worth a visit. 

Behind the museam is Greenwich park which leads up to the observatory and planetarium. The planetarium is small, but had some cool displays. I always have a hard time wrapping my head around the universe and this definitely didn't help!

Without going into the actual planetarium, the exhibits are free, the only area that cost money is the observatory. Inside there is some odd (like we are trying too hard to be cool) exhibit about punk? I don't recall. Essentially it seemed that the space was now being used to display local art. Some was quite near looking but it didn't seem to fit what I was expecting.

The red ball drops at 1pm everyday so that sailors could set their clocks to Greenwich Mean Time. 

The other main attraction was to stand on the prime meridian which was established here in 1851. Never one to pass up the photo op, I stood in the forever line to take my picture.

I watched people do all sorts of things but this was what I decided to do. Especially since I stand this way quite frequently.
There was a beautiful view of London from the observatory- to the right I could recognize the sculpture from the 2012 Olympics and to the left, the eye & Big Ben. I was hopeful I would see a better view if both parts of London so I trekked up a hill in the park. ( I later found there was a more appropriate approach) 

There was a nice view, but with an iPhone only so much can be captured. 
I walked around the park before needing the warmth of a building. I stopped in the Queens House to see art that was displayed and then quickly stopped in the Old Royal Navy College. 

I enjoyed Greenwich and look forward to going again and stopping at the brewery there! 

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