Friday, April 18, 2014

Adventures in London: Wincanton & Bruton

With the Saratoga Race track near by, it seems like everyone I know enjoys a good horse race.  However, I have yet to meet anyone that loves them as much as my brother in law.  He follows the races so frequently that my niece will do a "race time"  move in which she pumps her arms as through she were the jockey.    We decided to go to Wincanton for a day of races on Sunday.  It was an easy drive out of London and by early afternoon we found ourselves at the race course.

This was my first time leaving central London and was grateful for the beautiful weather to enjoy the sights.
checking out her horse

The race we went to see in particular didn't go as well as we had hoped but had a nice time regardless.  After we drove a few miles down the road to Bruton where we were staying for the evening.

Bruton is a adorable small town and again I maintained my streak by going out for a mile run.  While not impressive in distance,  I am also adjusting to wearing my Skora's instead of my asics (mostly because they're smaller and easier to pack).

Dinner At the Chapel was tasty and the company was quite nice.  By 10pm, I was beat,  while I am able to function on UK time, I still feel the effects of lousy sleep while traveling.  I woke up before the sunrise and managed to watch it come up over the hill before determining that it was far to early to be up.

When I woke up for real, there was a croissant on my door.  

I managed to make my very first coffee in a French Press and enjoyed the croissant that was baked downstairs.  Quite possibly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. (and normally I am an eggs Florentine or huevo rancheros kind of gal)

After breakfast, we headed out of the country to make our way to Stonehenge, which was on my short list of things do see during this trip to England. Along the way, we saw sheep, lots of them.  And while my sister and I will claim that my niece wanted to see them, it was most certainly us.  We definitely enjoyed it far more than she did.

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