Saturday, April 19, 2014

Adventures in London: Stonehenge

One of my long term bucket list goals is to visit a minimum of 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Mostly this goal inspires me travel more, yet somehow I haven't visited one in many years.  After a little bit of research I discovered that Stonehenge was a day trip from London.  It worked out after we spent the night in Bruton, as Stonehenge was along the way back to the city.

We got there fairly early,  it was busy but not packed, sunny but not warm.  The visitors center is quite impressive we paid our entrance fee and lined up for the shuttle to the actual site. It was a quick ride up the hill.  The driver stopped half way to allow people to walk since there are additional sites but with my Niece in her buggy, we opted to take the ride the whole way up.

We had picked up our auto guides so we listened to the speculation about the remains.  Because of their age, historians have a lot of theories but nothing official.  What was interesting to note was that those "big rocks" (as my niece called them)  are not native to the area.

After we walked around the site, we headed back to the vistors center.  In there is also a museum, but with the little one, we opted to find our way back to the car and continue on our way back to London. We stopped one more time so that my niece could see the Ock Ock (Oink Oink - Pigs) after both my niece and I fell asleep for a good chunk of the ride back into town.

It was a gorgous day and very cool to be there.  The stones are certainly not as big as they seem in all the photos, but still incredibly impressive when you remember they're from roughly 2000-3000 BC.

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  1. This is definitely on my list of places to visit. So cool!