Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adventures in London: Portobello Market

A huge attraction in Notting Hill is portobello market. I had walked Portobello road once before on a Sunday, but hadn't yet done it while the market was in full swing, which is Friday and Saturdays.

After my sister & her family left for a weekend get away, I decided to stick around London to visit some friends and explore on my own.

I walked over around 11:30, just in time to also walk with Jesus who was carrying the cross.  I had forgotten it was Good Friday at first, so that had taken me for a bit of surprise. 

It was the right sort of busy for me, plenty of people but not being trampled on. I've realized that despite my outgoing personality- I really dislike large crowds (with the exception of races and concerts) 

Anyhow, I stopped for a chai, and continued my walk. There were lots of neat stuff, antiques, and sometimes just junk. 

I managed to walk away and only buy a print to be framed and a pair of socks for a co worker.  There was plenty of street food available, but I opted to head home and eat back at the apartment. 

Since walking portobello market can be free (with self control) this is definitely on the to do list (if the weather is good!) 

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