Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adventures in London: London Zoo & Arsenal Game

 On my forth day in London,  we decided to take the niece to the London Zoo.  She had been there before, but as a 22 month old,  she doesn't mind visiting the same places again (as far as we know...)   So we headed off to check it out.  I hadn't been yet, and I do appreciate a good zoo.  I was a member at the San Diego Zoo for the 3 years that I lived there.  When we arrived we were surprised by the line,  it is apparently mid-term break for the schools (3 weeks!)  and many people were taking advantage of the sunshine.  I hopped in line, while my sister investigated becoming a member.  She ultimately became a member and we were able to by pass the rest of the line.

If you're into zoo's and have been to a few, this one reminded me more of the National Zoo in DC than San Diego.  My niece enjoyed saying hello to the different animals, blowing them kisses and waving good bye. Overall a successful day.

I'm easily amused. 

Later that evening, I ventured out with my brother in law to see his beloved Gunners play.  I had  been to a soccer match in Spain a few years back but hadn't been to a Premier League game.  We stopped off at my BIL's favorite pub for a few drinks before making our way to the stadium.  In a quick observation, I discovered how I could meet a potential next boyfriend,  I was majorly out numbered by men.

In my opinion there was a lot of chanting and singing, although I've been told that Arsenal's stadium is known as the library because of how quiet it is in comparison to others.  Arsenal did win, so most everyone ( aside from the visiting team) left happy.

I enjoyed the game a lot, I always forget how much I enjoy watching soccer.  I wish it were more popular in the states (atleast this summer it will be when it's time for World Cup) 

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