Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adventures in London: travel & kensington

It's a blessing and a curse that my family is scattered throughout the country & world.  It means that I don't have my immediate family in Albany, but does give me an excuse to travel.

Often my vacations include Fort Myers, Fl, where my parents have moved full time and every so often a vacation will take me to London, England where my sister and her family live.  Since my sister's family spent the summer in Long Island this past year, I was able to see them there, but with no American summer for them on the horizon, I took my spring break from school as an opportunity to visit them.

I took the red eye out of JFK Friday night, which meant an amtrak train from Albany to Penn Station, LIRR to the Jamaica station and finally the airtrain to JFK.  Once there I had a beer, wandered around and eventually left.  Once I made it through UK customs, I hopped onto the Heathrow express that brought me to Paddington, where my brother in law met me. We walked the rest of the way.  While it all sounds complicated, it was in fact a very easy journey.
my niece driving my passport around

The  day was mostly just hanging out with my niece, sister, and brother in law and vaguely planning the rest of a very fun week.  I was able to fight the urge to nap and stayed awake until 10pm which quickly set me onto London time,  I can only hope I transition back to work as easily.
Despite fighting the exhaustion, I went out for a quick run to keep my personal run streak to 30.  Thankfully my sister has been in the same flat since the last time I came, so I already knew where I was and made a quick trip to the home of the Duke & Duchess.  Unfortunately they weren't out & about in the yard, so I didn't get a chance to see them.
Kensington Park
Kensington Palace

My body was not impressed with the idea of running after such a long effort, but it felt good to get some kinks out and start my vacation on a good note. 


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    1. thanks! It's been great to be back & explore & visit with the family !